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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bucks Nation is fighting mad

If Bucks Nation were an actual place rather than simply a state of mind, I would say the citizens are banding together up in the mountains and readying a bloody guerilla revolt against embattled Bucks coach Terry Stotts.

Listening to the excellent 1250 WSTP AM "Real Basketball Postgame Show" last night following the Bucks game, I heard vehemence directed at Stotts that made my eardrums burn. And the most passionate voice was the host, Sparky Pfieffer (spelling uncertain)! This guy is terrific. He really preaches it like he feels it. And last night he felt it. He gave emphatic voice to the frustrations many Bucks fans feel toward the direction of the team, and the one man who pretends to provide that direction.

Truthfully, I was somewhat astonished by his candor. Normally you'll hear radio personalities soft pedal their opinions when it comes to the team they cover; not this guy. He let Stotts and virtually the entire Bucks roster (especially Steve Blake) have it with both barrels blazing. As a frustrated Bucks fan, it was cathartic just listening to him. Especially when he interviewed Mo Williams and basically told him he had no business starting! That's Cosellesque cahones, my friends.

The call-in fans I heard from, especially some guy named Mississippi Mike, were mad as hell, and it sounded like they weren't going to take it anymore. All of them had one beef or another, but they were practically all in unison about one thing: Stotts is in over his head as Bucks coach and he must go.

As such I can't see Stotts lasting much longer. After all, the Senator is a politician. He understands the importance of bending to a braying mob. And so the day is fast approaching when he will simply wash his hands and seal Stotts fate.


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