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Thursday, February 08, 2007

How was Tulsa, Damir?

We always knew he was too big for Tulsa.

After a huge 3 point, 8 rebound night against the formidable Idaho Stampede, Damir Markota was recalled from NBDL exile to resume his fledgling NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucks. To make way for the return of the Golden Child, second year man Julius Hodge was waived.

I can only speculate why the Bucks recalled Damir so soon after they sent him down. Putting aside the possibility that Damir's demotion was some sort of an elaborate rookie hazing prank that Damir just got hip to ("Seriously, Damir... Larry told me to tell you to head down to Tulsa. Why would I lie?"), then I would say that Dan Gadzuric's recent shoulder injury is what saved Damir from his developmental purgatory and what sent the unfortunate Mr. Hodge into the unemployment line.

I just hope the Bucks aren't actually planning to play Damir. Are we at that point already?

Footnote: In an earlier lighthearted post announcing Damir's original demotion, I may have accidentally implied that Damir was an alcoholic. If so, I did not do so intentionally, and I want to say I have no knowledge nor concern whether he is an alcoholic or not. I know that, like most of us, he likes a little booze... but I don't know, nor do I care, how often he likes a little booze. That's his business.


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