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Friday, February 01, 2008

Joe Johnson an All-Star? What a joke!

A month ago I thought Michael Redd was deserving of an All-Star selection. In the last month he played himself out of contention, so I have no problem with him not making the team... unless the alternative is Atlanta's Joe Johnson.

Why is that guy on the team? By any measure he is a shot hogging mediocrity who is not superior to Redd, or any number of other Eastern Conference guards.

I won't even make the case against him in terms of efficiency statistics like the NBA's Eff48 (where he's a below average 21.00) or Win Score (where he's a position adjusted -0.72... that's compared against the average NBA shooting guard -- and he's an all-star??). He's way below average in both categories. But that's too obvious.

Let's judge him on his supposed strong suit -- scoring. He doesn't even do that particularly well. If you look at his points per minute, his 24.5 points per 48 is 5.26 points more than the average player would score. But it takes him 21.6 attempts to get there, and the average player would score 26.35 points in that many shots, so he costs the Atlanta offense 1.85 points with his inefficiency, for a grand total net surplus of only 3.41 points that he adds per 48 as a scorer. That's weak.

By comparison, Richard Hamilton of Detroit has an Eff48 of 24.00, a position adjusted Win Score of +1.71, and he adds 7.8 points extra to the Detroit offense as a scorer. Jason Richardson of Charlotte has an Eff48 of 22.48, a position adjusted Win Score of +1.82, and he adds 5.42 points per 48 to Charlotte's offense.

And I haven't even mentioned Michael Redd, who beats all of them with an Eff48 of 24.72, a position adjusted Win Score of +2.3, and who adds 12.21 points per 48 to the Milwaukee offense.

Coming to think of it, if Joe Johnson is what passes for an All-Star caliber shooting guard these days, then Redd most definitely deserves to be on the team.

You say what Fat Chuck?

Last night on TNT's postgame show, the studio crew was reviewing the Pistons-Lakers highlights when Charles Barkley made this comment:

"Its too bad Bynum got hurt. If Bynum didn't get hurt I think Kobe would be the MVP."

Say what?? Hey Chuck, doesn't that suggest Bynum is a more valuable player, you ignorant asshole?? Or maybe the Lakers losing record without Bynum and with your boy Kobe should clue you in? See any logic yet Chucky?

Of course, Bynum doesn't play ghetto ball and turn the ball over 11 times in one game like Kobe does, so he doesn't make Chuck's radar screen.


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