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Thursday, June 05, 2008

As predicted here, Bryant struggles big time

While the rest of the world was washing Kobe's feet, calling him "unquestionably the best player in the game" (I'd take Dwight Howard, though Kobe's no doubt good), and how he was such a "take charge" guy, Bucks Diary was raising the caution flag, keeping the NBA fan informed by telling you that Kobe has struggled mightily against the Celtics and Ray Allen in particular (though for most of the night Kobe was matched against either Paul Pierce or James Posey).

And so it came to pass. Bryant had an awful night, and midway through the fourth quarter he had an almost bewildered look on his face. His Win Contribution was his worst of the playoffs by far. And, as I predicted here, the Lakers did not have enough to contributions from others to make up the stagger.

But I wouldn't expect Kobe's struggles to follow him to Los Angeles. Those bumps he was getting will be called fouls in Hollywood.

I'll have the full Win Contribution calculations for Game One in about 20 minutes.


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