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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Garnett's taking fadeaways again!

If the Celtics lose, mark this moment. The score is 86-78. The Celtics beautifully swung the ball around the horn from the right baseline to a wide open Kevin Garnett on the left wing. With one man sort of between him and the basket, Garnett elects not to attack the basket and instead to take a 20 foot jumper that clanked. Could you imagine if Barkley got the ball like that? Flush City!

Then, about a minute later he gets the ball in the post against Ronnie Turiaf. Instead of going to the rim, sure shit, he does a slow motion Akeem move and fades away. Clank.

Why won't he attack the basket?

Props to the Lakers, though. They are showing me something tonight. You cannot put them away, even when their superstar is having a brutal game. In the second half, I haven't done the calculations but I think Odom is stepping up.


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