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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sorry about that

I'm working on a boxscore from last night's game. Sorry about the delay. On Friday night I was at a Halloween party until 3:00 am, so I was tired last night.

I've got a few choice comments, however, from last night's Wisconsin Badger... errrr... Bucks home opener (I hate those red uniforms, except for the "Milwaukee" script across the front), a game the Bucks should have won.

1. Hey Bucks -- could you commit a few less unforced errors? Jon McGlocklin, ever the Green and Red, was crediting the Toronto defense. I don't think so. Most of the turnovers were purely the result of errant passing, many of them occuring without much defensive pressure at all.

2. Hey Richard Jefferson -- could you force a few less shots? My God, how many ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE shots did he take??? He was 3 for 13, and about 7 of those should never, ever have been hoisted.

3. On the positive side, I think the Bucks played stellar defense once again. Toronto, coming into the game, was the leading Offensive Win Score team in the Association at about 50+. The Bucks, again I "think", held them down well. I'll let you know for sure once the boxscore is completed.

4. For those who said Jose Calderon was ranked too high when I did my point guard rankings, how do you feel now?

5. I'll be absolutely honest, I would prefer that we had Jamario Moon over Richard Jefferson. He cleanly outplayed him last night, and he just plays a much more efficient brand of basketball. What's his story, anyway? I was listening to BucksRadio for the pregame last night and Ted Davis said Moon went straight from high school to the basketball minor leagues?? That's odd. I wish the Bucks would have found him. He's a Red Auerbach player. Kudos to Toronto's front office.


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