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Friday, November 07, 2008

Two guys are currently sabatoging the Milwaukee Bucks

As anyone watching tonight's Bucks vs. Celtics game can plainly see, the bench... outside of a few standouts... is giving the Bucks nothing.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Two guys are doing worse than nothing, they're actually harming the Bucks. I'm refering to Tyronn Lue and Dan Gadzuric. By my estimate the two of them are on pace to cost the Bucks 4.5 games, an astounding amount for two guys who do not play much.

But there is certainly more good news than bad in my first Bucks Player Value Ranking.

1. Richard Jefferson is the Bucks most valuable player so far. His defense has been outstanding and his offense is starting to catch fire. He's resembling the RJ of old, which, if that happened, would obviously be huge for the Bucks.

2. Luc Moute. He's been awesome, he's all the way up at number two.

3. Bogut has been exceptional as well. Both his offense and defense are improved. If he could just stop making stupid passes, he might move in to the elite in the NBA. I also wish he would just eliminate outside shooting from his game. His outside shots are the equivalent of automatic turnovers.

4. Ridnour's not shooting well, but he's proving you don't have to shoot well to be effective. On offense he's been kind of imitating Jason Kidd. He's grabbing rebounds at a high rate, dishing out assists, and limiting turnovers. And his defense has been exceptional.

5. Sessions is coming on strong as well. That's important, because every minute he's on the floor is a minute that Lue can remain on the bench.

Look for my first "Performance Rating" boxscore at the conclusion of tonight's game.

Go Bucks!


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