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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Hidden Game of Basketball: TWC boxscore from Bucks v Warriors

Last year I went to a Minnesota Timberwolves game and walked away thinking Sebastian Telfair was a sweet point guard. In fact he was one of the costliest players in the Association.

Last night I went to bed thinking Michael Redd's godawful collection of scoop shots were what killed the Milwaukee Bucks. In fact... and I kind of knew this... it was Andrew Bogut's unwillingness to make any attempt to box out Andres Biedrens -- or to defend him properly -- that really cost the Bucks.

Redd actually had the best game of any Milwaukee Buck last night. He and Richard Jefferson were the only two players who made a positive difference. The rest of the team was in the red.

There is no other sport where the winning ingredients are so difficult to discern as basketball... at least in my opinion. And yet, ironically, there is a book titled The Hidden Game of Baseball and a book titled The Hidden Game of Football, but no book titled "The Hidden Game of Basketball". Go figure.


1. Redd was slightly aided, though, by playing against one of the least efficient players in the Association -- former New York Knickerbocker Jamal Crawford.

2. Does anyone else notice that Joe Alexander looks and moves like a younger Austin Croshere and Austin Croshere now looks and moves like a vintage Randy Breuer? I just noticed that last night.

3. Luc Moute is continuing to fade. He is still a solid defender, but he has to find some semblance of an offensive game. Just some move or some shot he can rely on.

4. Sessions has been up and down as well... I guess that's the perils of playing younger players.

5. Charlie V once again had a big night rebounding the basketball, but a terrible night with his offensive efficiency. He turned it over too much and he shot just 27% from the floor.

6. Why does the Bucks television network include blocked shots on their "Hustle Board"? Speaking from my own experience, most of the time when I'm blocking shots its because I'm playing lazy man defense, not because I'm hustling...


At December 11, 2008 at 9:22 PM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

I wish you hadn't made the comment equating Austin Croshere with Joe Alexander. When Alexander's name first came up as a possible 8th pick, all I could think about was how he reminded me of Croshere. A limited player who turned it on with some great play in March to boost his draft stock. But in reality his NCAA play wouldn't necessarily translate over to the NBA so some team would draft him too high. And of course the Bucks did indeed buy into that late season performance to draft the guy in the lotto.

When you look at Alexander's time with the team so far, he looks like the kind of guy you would draft about 21st (where Ryan Anderson was picked) and you'd have nice value there. But not at 8.

At December 12, 2008 at 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really? the way a player shoots determines if a team wins or looses games? wow... I thought it was because of Luke Ridnour's lack of defense on CJ Watson (19/7/4 on 7-11 shooting) and Andrew Boguts failure to stop Biedrins (18/14 and 4 blocks). also, CV had 11 rebounds in 32 minutes. yeah, I guess thats a pretty low rebounding rate here on Bucks Diary. Bogut had 9 rebounds in 28 minutes. and why absolutely no mention of anything negative of Bogut... EVER? I guess its because according to your God Dave Berri, Andrew Bogut is a super star. surely he can't do anything wrong, right?

At December 12, 2008 at 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it was Andrew Bogut's unwillingness to make any attempt to box out Andres Biedrens -- or to defend him properly -- that really cost the Bucks."

Try reading instead of skimming moron ... if that's not a negative statement then I'm not sure what is. Blaming Bogut on the loss is about as negative as it gets.


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