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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Huge night for Bogut and Villanueva; TWC boxscore Pacers vs. Bucks

Andrew Bogut must have been licking his chops when he found out the Pacers were starting rookie C Roy Hibbert instead of veteran reserve Jeff Foster. Hibbert is struggling big time in his first professional season whereas Foster has been very productive and very underrated throughout his career.

Bogut cashed it in, too. Bogut had perhaps his biggest night as a professional (I don't know for sure). His Marginal Win Score was a whopping +10.4, and his Total Win Contribution to the Bucks was a Kareem-like +1.776. Charlie Villanueva also had a large night, posting a Marginal Win Score of +5.5, and a TWC of +0.836.

In fact, the only Bucks that had "red" (ie, "below average") nights were Luke Ridnour (only slightly outplayed by TJ Ford) and, of course, Charlie Bell. Bell announced his return to the rotation with his typical rotten game, producing a Win Score of -3.5 in only 14 minutes of action. Otherwise the Bucks absolutely destroyed the Indiana Pacers in every way.

Special mention should also go to Austin Croshere who had his best night as a Milwaukee Buck, taking 3 shots in 7 minutes and turning them into 7 points while grabbing 2 rebounds. Very efficient and productive per minute game for Croshere.

Correction: I said only Ridnour and Bell had below average games. In fact F Luc Moute also had another poor game. He's strung together several bad performances now, so I'm starting to become concerned.


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