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Friday, December 05, 2008

RJ leads the way: Bucks TWC boxscore vs. Bobcats

I don't have much time to comment on tonight's win, other than to say its another example of the Bucks winning a game they had to win. You simply cannot lose to a team like the Bobcats at home if you want to be taken seriously. And to their credit, the Bucks didn't. They didn't play as well as I would have liked, but they didn't lose.

Stars of the Game:

1. Richard Jefferson
2. Andrew Bogut

Notes on the game

1. Since the Bucks have been struggling all year with offensive efficiency, I am now tracking each player's personal offensive efficiency numbers in the TWC boxscore.

2. The only position that kept the Bobcats competitive was the point guard spot. DJ Augustin, the rookie, had an excellent game.

3. Luc Moute is starting to get lost. He had another bad game, and he only got limited playing time for about the third or fourth game in a row.

4. Charlie V could not follow up his excellent Bulls game with an above average Bobcats game. Once again, his effort was alright -- he had 6 rebounds in only 19 minutes of action -- but his offensive efficiency was poor. Tonight it wasn't missed shots, it was his other bugaboo -- too many turnovers. Charlie used 9 possessions in the game, and 3 of those possessions resulted in turnovers. That's way too many. Way too many.

5. On the other hand, Dan Gadzuric and Malik Allen each followed up good Bulls games with good Bobcat games. Very encouraging.

6. I'll bet the public impression is that Michael Redd has been responsible for the past two wins. That's simply not the case, although he played an above average game and therefore contributed to the win tonight.

7. I think that was the first above average game I ever scored for Joe Alexander. He and Jefferson... well, mainly Jefferson... dominated the Bobcats small forward trio of Jason Richardson, Gerald Wallace, and El Busto Adam Morrison.


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