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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Skeets cracks me up

Sometimes the NBA Blogosphere is simply brilliant. If you didn't see JE Skeets of Yahoo Sports take on the bizarre crying episode by Baby Davis, check it out. (Had no one ever criticized him before in his playing career? What the hell was he crying for? Get him on some Prozac!)

The best part of the post, though, is below the clip where Jeff Clark of the outstanding Celticsblog predicts (rightfully, I would say) that the two involved parties -- Davis and KG -- will eventually hug it out Ari Gold style and basically let bygones be bygones (although the Celtics better make sure they use Socker Boppers rather than regulation size boxing gloves in any future dealings with Baby Davis... he's thin skinned).

Anyway, the part that almost made me wet my pants laughing was JE Skeets reply to that where he said "... but I'm still holding out hope they'll fight after school down by the cemetery." Awesome! Perfect description of the level of nonsense. Plus, replace "down by the cemetery" with "behind Hansen's Dairy" and he basically described about a quarter of my high school existence. Brilliant stuff.


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