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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Purple and Green Musings

The Bucks suffered a disappointing loss last night to the improved, but short-handed Cleveland Cavaliers. The game exposed the Bucks decimated bench. Milwaukee got a grand total of zero points from their reserves. Zero! And this is a team that is playing short-handed. Zero! Here are some other thoughts that occured to me during last night's disaster:

Redd has to stop forcing shots

Michael Redd is becoming Kobe Bryant circa 2004-05, and I don't mean that in a positive way. He sometimes hurts the Bucks because he forces way too many shots. Last night he missed 15 of the 22 shots he took. He had more misses than any of his teammates had attempts. He needs to recognize when he's not on, and when that is so, stay within the offense. God, he takes terrible shots sometimes. Move the ball, you'll get your looks.

Kukoc has to stop shooting threes

Kukoc doesn't have it anymore when it comes to his stationary shooting touch, particularly from three point range. He's shooting an abysmal 27% from three point range, but in his limited action he is third on the team in three point attempts. In other words, as soon as he gets off the bench he's looking to pull threes. That has to stop. He's a valuable veteran presence and an asset to the offense when he moves the ball or attacks the basket (his two point percentage is a respectable 46%), but Stotts has to tell him no more threes. The Bucks cannot afford to have him hoisting up those cannonballs he's been firing except in rare situations. Otherwise they might as well hand the ball over to the other team.

Get Bogut more shots!

Bogut has the best shooting percentage on the team by a wide margin, his points per shot are second only to Michael Redd, yet its rare for him to get to double figure shot attempts. I can't figure that out. The Bucks should be running the offense through him, he's got good post moves, he's an outstanding passer, and he makes intelligent decisions with the ball. Moreover, working the offense inside out will provide the guards with much better looks than the junk shots they've been taking lately. It all makes sense, but Stotts won't do it. He doesn't have enough faith in the rookie.

Magliore lacks strength down low

I think I've figured out why Jamaal Magliore shoots such a mediocre percentage for a guy who takes almost all of his shots in close. His wiry frame betrays him. He is unable to finish strong in traffic, and he has trouble converting after contact. That points to a lack of strength. That might also explain his inability to provide the Bucks with a strong defensive presence in the paint. He intimidates no one. Then again, his sleek build seems to clearly be an asset when it comes to crashing the boards. All in all though I'd like to see him beef up.

How bad is Reece Gaines?

Why is G Reece Gaines on the team? I ask that because the Bucks are desperately thin at the point guard and yet the guy still can't get a sniff. It makes you wonder, under what circumstances will Terry Stotts put him in? If he's only a garbage time player he's essentially useless to the team. I could see keeping him around if you thought he had great upside, but he's been in the league for how many years now? He ain't gettin' any better, Larry.

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