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Thursday, March 30, 2006

You knew this was coming

According to ESPN.com, the NBA is going to take action this off-season to ban players from wearing tights under their uniforms. If the list contained in the ESPN.com article is comprehensive, then no other team in the Association will be as effected by the ban as the Milwaukee Bucks. If you look at the list compiled by Paul Lukas (author of the fantastic column "Uniwatch"), the Bucks proudly boast the most tights wearing players in the NBA. A source close to rookie FC Andrew Bogut tells me he has been heard to say he wears the tights because they keep his legs warm.

Its a shame because I believe the tights look was very close to the "Tipping Point". Why do I say this? Well, believe it or not, I saw someone at my Athletic Club playing pick-up basketball in tights. So close.

Blogs for Bucks Fans

Let me recommend the following blogs to all Bucks fans. I have links to all of them on the side. They are all terrific.

1. Bucks View (This guy is hilarious. For example, he calls GM Harris "the Lounge Lizard". Having seen Harris in person at the Bradley Center, the nickname is dead-on).

2. 5 Point Bucks (This guy is a prolific Bucks writer, and he knows his shit. To his credit he has been pushing for more playing time for Gadzuric, and as it turns out he was dead on).

3. Oracle of Cheese (Minnesotan who loves Wisconsin sports. Having lived in Minnesota myself, I can respect a Cheesehead caught in the Land of Lakes).

4. End of the Bench (This guy absolutely crushes me in this article. I loved every word. I almost wet myself laughing when he rightfully called me out for constantly misspelling Terry Stotts' name as "Terri". He was so right! In fact, if you really dig into the blog, you'll find plenty of other egregious misspellings and misnamings (i.e. for some reason I constantly refer to Maurice Williams as "Michael Williams".)

5. Bucks Town (I just found this one. Looks pretty good. Notice how everyone has way better features than me?)


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