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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bucks Match Up Well With Replacement Pistons

Here's the strategy should the Bucks meet up with Detroit in the postseason. We rent Vic Mackey and the rest of the Strike Team from the Farmington District LAPD, and we have them detain the Pistons top 6 players on some bogus "We gotta clear it with our Captain" phony arrest, the same way the team pulled that bogus arrest on the fictional Denver Nugget player in Episode 3; Season 1 of "The Shield" (Fridays and Saturdays on Spike TV).

I think if we can get that done, we've got a hell of a chance to take any Pistons series to at least 5 games, possibly 6. Tonight's game proved to me that our 1-5 players matchup pretty darn well with the Pistons 7-12, and the team's support staff, groupies, autograph seekers, and general hangers-on.

The proof is in the pudding. The Bucks really took it to the "Pistons" tonight. The fans at the Bradley have to admit they got their $100.00's worth too (or did they charge Exhibition Season prices?). Some of the names on the Detroit roster the BC faithful may have even remembered. For instance, the Pistons were led in scoring by the Palace at Auburn Hills janitor, Hong Kong Phooey, in assists by the team's Assistant Regional Manager or Assistant to the Regional Manager, the British born Gareth Keenan, and in rebounding by the team's aging superstar from Carver High: Coolidge. All that wasn't enough. The Bucks dropped the Pistons 113-93.

On a serious note, the Pistons de facto forfeiture gives the Bucks an undeserved shot at a non-losing record. Sidebar: I'd be mighty pissed with the Pistons no show if I were one of the teams jockeying with the Bucks for playoff position. Hey, that's life in the NBA.

Coming Tomorrow: The Washington BULLETS (Abe, why did you ever drop the coolest nickname in sports? Did anyone ever think about, let alone actually fire a gun based on a basketball team's nickname? How stupid and Orwellian.).

Coming Wednesday: Playoff preview.


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