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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bucks-Pistons on TNT; Barkley 'psyched'

The Bucks have landed the first blow in their matchup with the Pistons. They have used their lack of starpower and their small market status to bring the Pistons down to the level of a TNT worthy team. Game One will be Sunday night at 7:00 pm.

TNT is the least prestigious location in the NBA's main telecast troika, which includes ESPN and ABC. I'm sure Charles Barkley is doing cartwheels knowing he will get the chance to comment on this series.

I just thought of a drinking game. Everytime Barkley mentions that the Bucks are awful, or that the matchup sucks, or that he doesn't want to watch it: slam a beer. Everytime he mentions that he hates either the city of Detroit or the city of Milwaukee, or that he considers those two cities the worst in the NBA, or how there is nothing to do in either city, do a shot.

You'll be fucked up by the third quarter, guaranteed.


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