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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bucks Playoff Slogan: The Dancefloor has a Backdoor!

Possible Bucks Playoff Ticket Sales Script:

"Clear the alley, Detroit or Miami. Look out, you high seeds! The Bucks Garbage Truck is taking the backway into this year's playoffs, and we aren't yielding to anyone! Feel the slow backwards roll and hear that beat, baby... beep...beep...beep. We're "back", baby, and we're gonna make a statement!

Disclaimer: The phrase "statement" as used herein should be understood to mean "concession statement".

"So come on, Bucks Fans! Detroit has its Bad Boys, ooohhh! We're not afraid! We're Milwaukee's Mediocre Boys! You want uneven play and constant peaks and troughs? We deliver that and then some! Who else but your '06 Bucks could follow up an 'okay' road victory over a really horrible team with a 'piss poor' home loss to an equally horrible team! No one, baby! We're comin' in on a roll, baby! We beat Phoenix about... ahh... two weeks ago, and you know we had that huge Knick win the other night!

So get your ticket packages now, baby. Burn those C notes on a couple games! What's holding you back? Four total blowout losses coming, you say? No way, bro! These Bucks look poised to play at least one competitive half -- and if they get Miami... possibly two! Kids get their pictures taken with Bango!


At April 18, 2006 at 2:03 AM, Anonymous Matt said...

Hilarious stuff, man. Wish it were true, but there's no backing into the playoffs now after beating Detroit -- the garbage truck is rumbling straight ahead.

At April 18, 2006 at 5:30 AM, Blogger crewfan said...

You're right. I have to stop being cynical. The Bucks are the Bucks. Love em or leave em, I guess. Actually, I'm a little more optimistic about the future than I was last year. Thank you for the comment Matt.

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