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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Disappearance of Richard Hamilton

The one truly puzzling aspect of the Pistons-Bucks first round series has been the play of Detroit SG Richard Hamilton. He has been way off his game.

What makes this development truly strange is that coming into this series he is the man we most feared. The Bucks really have no answer for him. In fact, by asking the diminutive TJ Ford to guard him, the Bucks have almost been conceding points to the 6'7'' Hamilton. Yet he hasn't produced them.

In Eff48 terms, he ranks 68th out of the 94 players participating in the Eastern Conference playoffs. His Eff48 average thus far is an embarrasing 14.77. To illustrate how bad that is, consider that Andrew Bogut, a player who has looked completely lost in his first postseason appearance, has compiled an Eff48 average of 16.24.

Perhaps the reason for his poor production is the energy he has expended defending Bucks G Michael Redd. But the results of that effort have been decidedly mixed. After being held down in Game One, Redd has gone wild in Games Two and Three, utterly destroying Hamilton's defense. Last night Redd only needed 21 shots to amass 40 points. The Pistons must be glad Redd resigned with the Bucks instead of going to team with LeBron in Cleveland. He looks like the Detroit Strangler so far.


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