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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is that all the Bucks got?

If last night's non-effort against the Miami Heat is any indication of how the Bucks intend to compete with the better teams in the Eastern Conference, they may as well just pack it in. Fuck it. Its not worth it if they're going to completely humiliate themselves like they did on Tuesday night. Why bother even getting into the play-offs if this is all they got? Just call it a season, so you all can hurry back to wherever it is you make your permanent residences. You might as well let the Bulls into the dance. They came back from a 17 point deficit to beat Indiana. They look like they want to play. You guys don't.

And hey, frontline guys: Time to start pulling your weight! This is crunch time, remember? What a big 4 we have up front. Andrew Bogut, Jamaal Magliore, Joe Smith, and Bobby Simmons combined for a whopping 13 points tonight. Sweet game, guys. Way to show up. The four of you combined couldn't outscore Obi Wan Kukoc, and they say he's washed up. Well, at least he has pride. Learn something from him, why don't you.

And don't think the Big 4 were expending effort on defense either. The starting Miami frontline combined to score 55 points. 55 to 13! That is simply pathetic. Shaq is a shell of himself, and Walker and Haslem are one dimensional players. And yet they walked all over the Bucks.

Pathetic. I'm out of here.


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