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Sunday, April 02, 2006

These DetroitBadBoys are actually quite good

The Pistons have a better team than the Bucks, better management than the Bucks, a richer history than the Bucks, now it turns out they have better bloggers too. If you are a fan of basketball and good writing I strongly recommend you visit the DetroitBadBoys blog. Well written, well informed, and funny, its everything this little blog aspires to be but rarely is.

They're decent guys, too. After Bogut was so thoroughly bitch-slapped by Rasheed Wallace on Friday night, they had every right to really squash my grapes for my unfortunate comparison of the two. They didn't. Magnanimous Piston fans, you say? That is no longer oxymoronic.

Anyway, they've certainly earned a coveted spot on the Bucks Diary "Links" list. I'm adding them in the next couple of days. I hope they can handle the extra 2 to 3 hits per day that's sure to generate. Seriously -- check them out. They're good.


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