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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What are these Bucks fans smoking?

There is an insignificant, but sickening, little poll on Bucks.com that asks "Who is the greatest Bucks small forward of all time?" The early results are in. The results are appalling. With a statistically significant 9,000+ people voting, Glenn Robinson (57%!) is substantially ahead of Marques Johnson (16%) and Tim Thomas (10%) is ahead of Bobby Dandridge (9%). Are they joking?! This is an injustice I can't let slide.

Glenn Robinson does not belong in Marques Johnson's hoops universe, let alone ahead of him in a "Best Ever" poll. Marques was so much better than Big Dog its not even funny. Marques Johnson would have destroyed Glenn Robinson, destroyed him! Those who voted for Robinson, that lazy self-loving loaf, over Johnson obviously never saw Marques play. They never saw Marques drive hard to the rack for a spinning layup. They never saw him shoot his "stop on a dime" pull-up jumper. They never saw what he could do as a rebounder, either. They just never saw him. Marques Johnson was, in my opinion (which is backed up by Marques' all-around statistical excellence) the number 2 Buck of all-time, behind only Kareem. The fact that his number has not been retired taints the legitimacy of the entire number retirement system. That's all I can say.

And Tim Thomas ahead of Bobby Dandridge? Please. I can't even laugh at that -- it hurts too much. Thomas was a maddening underachiever who really doesn't even deserve to be included in such a poll. He was the Bucks main small forward for what, two seasons at most? And he grossly underperformed.

Meanwhile Dandridge is amongst the Bucks all-time leaders in several statistical categories. He was a cornerstone of a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP team, a Western Conference Championship team, and several of the best teams the Bucks have ever fielded. The Greyhound, people! Remember him? He too should have his #10 retired, but that's become such a political issue, its not worth arguing it anymore. Just remember Dandridge's twisting turnaround J's floating through the net, and that's all you need to know.

If you have a second, I ask that you stop and vote on this poll (bottom left on front page of Bucks.com). Buck Pride is on the line. It should go: 1. Marques 2. Bobby D 3. Junior Bridgeman 4. Glenn Robinson, and don't even vote for Tim Thomas.

We need to salvage Bucks Nation's hoop knowledge reputation by turning these vote counts around before it is too late. Do the Right Thing!


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