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Monday, May 08, 2006

Are the Bucks after Nene?

I was reading some stories on JSonline that I had skipped while I was going through a personal Bucks detoxification program. One caught my eye. Larry Harris, in an interview with MJS, said his target for this off-season is "a young athletic power forward".

Young and athletic and plays the 4? The guy who fits this description perfectly is the NBA's only player with one name, Nene. He is set to be a restricted free agent this summer, and the Nuggets have forever been trying to move him. He's young, and according to hoopshype.com he's "freakishly" athletic. And he's the only guy I can think of who qualifies.

Now I would much prefer the suggestion put forward in one of the comments by "buckbonzi". He proposed a trade of Magliore and Williams to the Jazz for Carlos Boozer. Boozer is far more productive than Nene, but I don't think he fits Harris' wish list because he isn't what I'd call athletic.

But he's far more desirable than Nene. Nene scares me because he is one of those players who has a lot of "potential". Those guys seem to never pan out. Plus, everyone talks about his "wingspan", but if you look at his career stats on basketballreference.com you'll find that he rarely blocks shots. I want production, not potential.

Addendum to post: I just thought of another name: Drew Gooden. He's a power forward and he is a free agent this summer, and I think he would qualify as "young and athletic". I would probably prefer him to Nene, although he is well-traveled and that's usually for a reason.


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