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Monday, May 08, 2006

Bucks want Radmanovic? Why?

According to Gary Woeful of the Racine Times, the Bucks will make a concerted effort this summer to sign Clippers forward Vladimir Radmanovic. To which my only comment would be: You got to be shitting me.

Radmanovic is a soft 6'10'' player who bombs threes all night (but doesn't make many) and avoids the lane like its a minefield. If they bring this stiff in they will have added yet another "shooter" who has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he cannot shoot -- he is a career 41% FG shooter. Pretty good for a 6'10'' guy, huh?

To go with his lack of shooting ability, he brings no rebounding, no passing, and absolutely no defense. Shot blocking? Heh, heh. Maybe if you accidentally shoot it into his arm, otherwise you're safe. He has 321 blocks in over 360 regular season games. Pathetic.

God I hope they don't pull the trigger on this lame-o.


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