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Monday, May 01, 2006

Live Blog: Halftime Game Four

When the Pistons bench is playing this well, no one on Earth will beat them... Tony Delk is killing us? Oh my God... What's up with that guy's arms?... He's the strangest looking dude in the Association... Wallace may have gotten a T, but he definetely got in the refs heads with his whining... I love this Pistons G Maurice Evans, when is he going to be on the market?... Bogut can guard Ben Wallace, he cannot guard Rasheed Wallace or McDyess... Kukoc has made a difference, but tonight it looks like it won't be enough... The Pistons can make shots like no other team I've seen in the play-offs... Ford is off his game, he already has too many turnovers... If the Bucks don't play better defense, this thing is over in a big way... The Bucks should consider staying with their men rather than collapsing on the penetrators... The refs basically put the kibosh on the Bucks run at the end of the half... If this thing gets out of control there will be no third quarter live blog.


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