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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Len Bias, Patron Saint of Coke Fiends

I hesitate to besmirch the dead, but the hypocrisy surrounding the 20 year deification of Len Bias, and the complete misinformation surrounding his death and his abilities as a player, demand balance. This was the hardest piece I ever had to write. Indeed, I didn't want to write this, but after seeing the piece of video sap on ESPN Sportscenter (and the phony hushed tones of that Stuart Scott wannabe who introduced it), and then reading this misguided, poorly argued, hyperbolic, piece of absolute manure from ESPN's resident sychophant and alleged journalist "Scoop" Jackson, I had to rebut. Or at least someone had to rebut, and why not me? (SIDEBAR: By the way, how much of a brown nose is Jackson? Here's the interchange prefacing his question to Dwayne Wade at a recent NBA Finals postgame press conference. Wade: "What up, Scoop?" Jackson: "Oh, yo, what up, D." Yeah, I could just imagine the same thing happening to Skip Bayless, couldn't you? I almost puked when I heard it.)

Back to the issue at hand. What specifically irks me about the 20 years of misleading Bias coverage? Two things.

(1) The way Bias is constantly memorialized in language befitting an assassinated head of state, not a man who recklessly abused and died from ingesting an insane amount of cocaine.

Upon every significant anniversary of Bias' death you can count on articles stating the most ridiculous things like "He did not die in vain" or "he's done so much in death", as though he purposely ingested 3 to 5 grams of cocaine in one sitting just so he could keel over and thus make himself a sterling example for young people. Hey Kids: Don't do 20 lines of coke in one night! It could be dangerous!

My God, Jay Bilas even said he marks time by the death of Len Bias in the same way people of another generation marked time by the death of JFK. Are you shitting me? The guy took, by the examiner's account, 3 to 5 times the lethal dose of cocaine! He wasn't shot by some guy with three names or the same first and last name!

Why do we treat Bias in such reverent terms when other cokers and reckless jocks get no mercy? To answer that you have to remember the news coming out of Maryland after his death. The attitude toward Bias was shaped not only by the Bias worshipers in the Boston and Washington media, but also from two lies irresponsibly disseminated by the press in the days and weeks following his death.

The first was that Bias was not a drug user, that somehow this was his first time using cocaine. This was a steaming pantload. Besides the fact that the US Justice Department has called deaths such as Bias' "exceedingly rare" among first time users, the evidence established in a Maryland courtroom totally destroys the myth of 'First Time' Lenny ("Oh, gee, is that white pile over there cocaine? Think I could try a gram or five?").

The first piece of debunking evidence, established in the trial of the man who supplied the cocaine (a subsequently convicted major coke dealer named Brian Lee Tribble), was that, as mentioned above, Bias ingested a very large amount (3 to 5 grams) of cocaine. I spoke with some medical professionals I know and they unflinchingly confirmed what any fool should suspect: a guy simply cannot inhale a mountain of cocaine unless he has built up a tolerance over time and through chronic use. There is no question, then, based on the amount ingested on that night by Bias, that he was a world class blowmeister. (Indeed, when Tribble told Bias to slow down because he was snorting too much Bias laughingly replied "I'm a bad motherfucker! I can handle anything!" The words of a one time user?) Another debunking fact established in the Tribble trial was that Tribble was a "longtime friend" of Bias (indeed, it was he and Bias together who brought the coke over and woke up the others involved and invited them to partake). How many people do you know that are simultaneously (a) friends with a major coke dealer and (b) not riding the train? I'll answer that for you: Zero!

The second major lie surrounding Bias' death was told by the emergency room doctors who treated him on the night he passed. They reported that Bias died from ingesting crack cocaine. That bit of misinformation had an enormous influence on public opinion (and on public policy, which I won't get into). Indeed, that put a whole different spin on things, because at that that time crack was new on the scene. As such it was misunderstood and much feared. The impression thus given by those who blamed crack for Bias' death was that he died from a lethal substance whose deadly effects he, like the rest of the public, had not yet fully comprehended. In other words, "it was the crack's fault, not Lenny's". In this way he was made to look like the victim of an evil force rather than an unconscionably reckless drug abuser. (Of course, when it was later established that he in fact died from the powdered variety of the drug, government documents say this fact was conveniently "overlooked".)

I can't stand the hypocrisy of it all. We treat Len Bias as some kind of sacred victim and then we jump ugly on guys like Chris Washburn, or Roy Tarpley, or Steve Howe, or Dwight Gooden, or any number of other guys who have had their careers wash out as a result of drug indulgence. Where is the difference between those villified characters and Saint Lenny? Are those guys worse because none of them ever saw fit to administer themselves a lethal dose? I don't get it. On to my second beef.

(2) The gross exagerration of Bias' collegiate accomplishments and his professional potential

If you were to read the press accounts concerning Bias' basketball skills you would have to conclude he must have been Michael Jordan's clone. HE WAS NOT! I cannot emphasize that enough. He was not even close to being in Jordan's class. I actually remember watching him play. He was not Michael Jordan! (He did not 'dominate' the ACC, either, as some assert. Maryland finished below .500 in conference play his final year).

You don't even need to rely on my memory as proof either. A close reading of the descriptions of the fools who compare him to MJ gives away the ghost. They say he was a taller Jordan, but then the only thing they mention about him that was similar to Jordan was his leaping ability. All of the descriptions are some variation of this: Bias had a better jump shot (though he was only accurate from mid-range) but could not get to the basket like Jordan, could not handle the ball like Jordan, and was limited on his drives to the basket because he could only jump off two feet. Do you see what they are all unwittingly describing? A player similar to Kenny "Sky" Walker, the fifth pick in that same fateful 1986 draft.

In fact, Bias and Walker were quite similar in many ways. They were nearly identical size, they were both incredible leapers, neither could handle or pass at all (Bias was a turnover machine at Maryland), and both finished school with eerily similar career numbers. What I'm trying to say is, it was far more likely that Bias, rather than being the next Jordan, was slated for a middling career similar to Walker's.

Another piece of evidence pointing in the direction of a less than great career for Bias is provided by basketball guru, Dean Oliver. He says that "players that do not perform well as freshman in college can turn out to be good NBA players, but rarely do they become great. (see here)".

I cannot explain why that would be so, but the historical record overwhelmingly backs his assertion up. And Bias, by any fair account or by simple statistical evaluation, had a poor freshman season. Again, not conclusive of how he would have fared as a pro, but surely another bit of evidence calling into serious question the validity of these counterfactual suck pieces that have Bias cast as a would-have-been Hall of Famer. (Michael Wilbon has even asserted that Bias would have prevented the Pistons from capturing their two titles in the late Eighties. What a crock of shit. I cannot believe Piston Nation has not risen up and bitchslapped him for this bit of anti-history. Where are you Matt? Ian?)

Even Larry Bird, who initially had such high hopes for Bias, later (in 1987) admitted Bias most likely would have done more harm to the Celtics than good had he lived. "I would hate for him to come into this situation if he were on {cocaine} because then, that might have been the biggest blow that we couldn't overcome. . . . A guy like that could have come here and destroyed our team if he was on cocaine."

This post is not written against Len Bias. It is written against the sports media and its arbitrary, often counterfactual, always hypocritical, myth machine. In fact, I say God bless Len Bias. But don't we pay him greater homage by remembering him for the flawed man that he was, rather than the misfortunate saint that some wished he had been?


At July 13, 2007 at 2:47 AM, Blogger robsan120 said...

I thought your piece on Len Bias was good in that you give a different perspective on the Bias death. I agree that he was no saint and that it's silly for people to speak of where they were on his death as if it were the Kennedy assasination. He wasn't a matyre either because he did not intend on over dosing to show the MTV generation the dangers of drugs. I believe however that your passion for dispellling the media's phony hippocritical myth surrounding Len Bias' death has blurred your assessment of his ability. To compare Len Bias to Kenny " kid'n'play" Walker is a stretch. Jordan vs. Bias. Jordan was a more polished player than Bias. Jordan was better defensively and in handling the ball. Bias had a better mid range jump shot than Jordan. Bias was much stronger, taller and physical than Jordan. His presence in the paint was more formidable than Jordan's was. Bias would have made Jordan his bitch in the post. He could also jump as high as Jordan, thus negating Jordan's ability for blocking any of Bias' shots effectively. As famous as Jordan is for his competitiveness, so was Bias. Len Bias was a viscious animal on the boards, a legendary closer around the basket. He was tenacious, ferocious and just as competitive as Jordan. Picture Jordan's aggresion only in the paint. While Jordan feasted on smaller guards through out his career Bias would have over powered wimps like Brad Daugherty who were bigger. The brutally tough defensive minded Pistons made Jordan their girlfriend for seven years until the 1991 season. That's a long realtionship! I seriously doubt the Pisons would push around or intimidate Bias who was ready to bang with the "bad boys" right out of college and not seven years into his career like Jordan. I don't see the "sloth like" slow footed Piston forwards posing any trouble (maybe foul trouble for themselves)for Bias in the paint or ten feet from the paint where Bias could nail his consistent jumpers with ease. He was just as fast and stronger than Jordan and with the help of that great Celtic team would have stopped Chicago in the Playoffs at least a couple of times thus interupting their dynasty. He beat Jordan in Chapel Hill earlier in his career and would have minimized Jordan's dominance for sure. There would have been more parody in the NBA. The edge goes to Jordan because of the fact he was not an coke addict. I feel that people should look at the whole picture concerning Bias' talents. Yes he was talented but he was also a coke head. Would he have failed drug test after drug test? Would he have ended up a precautionary tale such as Doc Gooden? Maybe he would have been a bust due to drugs. Who Knows? If he would have lived and cleaned up his act,I feel that Bias would have helped the Celtics win another two or three titles.That was an amazingly talented team and Bias would have spelled Bird & McHale in his rookie season and seasons to come thus prolonging both of their careers. It would have been like adding Karl Malone to that team only Bias was better than Malone. As a result the Bulls would not have dominated the 90's as they did.

At August 11, 2007 at 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read your piece on Len Bias. I'll admit up front that being a die hard Terp fan, I doubt I'm completely UN-BIASED. That said, your analysis has one GIANT logical disconnect. You spend the first half of your piece making the case that Bias was a hard-core druggie. Then you spend the second half diminishing his accomplishments on the court. MAN, GET REAL! Since 1974, I’ve watched virtually EVERY Terp game that was televised, which means I saw a lot of Bias, as well as other great Terps ballers, not to mention great ACC ballers. Over all those years, Bias is probably in the top 7 or 8. He's the second greatest Terp, behind Dixon. Now for a guy to make it to number 7 or 8 in the ACC, over a period of 33 years, WHILE ON DOPE (according to you)...THAT, contrary to your assertion, is QUITE an accomplishment.

At December 7, 2007 at 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do think that was ok

At March 9, 2008 at 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have your feelings on len bias making a foolish mistake by overdosing on drugs. he did do it to himself. no one to blame. i don't like the fact that larry bird would make those comments about lenny after his death. i think he was a person who had done drugs before, not a drug abuser. i'm from the washington,d.c. area. this story is very close and dear to me. i was a teammate of len bias brother jay in college. he later to died. he was killed in a in a murder. i don't know all he has done with drugs, nor do you. i can't, and will not judge him. he made a mistake. it cost him his career, his family, most of all. it cost him his life. i think that's enough for his mistake. on the bias ,jordan think. you can't compare the two. they were two different players. ofther than kobe and lebron. i wouldn't compare anyone else to jordan. i can say that watching both of their careers. i think you forgot to add that jordan was at north carolina, and lenny was at maryland. i think jordan was always on a better team. so the 500 winnig quote about his last year at maryland is not fair. jordan was a pure wing player. lenny was a combo wing with power forward ability. that's what made lenny so special. a man with that power, and the shooting ability. if i can recall. alex english scored alot of points with his mid-range game. you can't tell me that alex english was more talented than lenny. i must say that lenny did have a problem putting the ball on the floor. but if you are playing on a team with a good or great point guard. that could be overshadowed. i really enjoyed reading your piece. i don't worship lenny for his death. it saddens me any and everytime i think about it. but i have respect for the person. for he truly is the example to people alone with don rogers the football player that died eight days later of just about the same thing. that when you think you have it all. GOD will show you that you are just man. nothing more. and that your time on this earth is over when he decides, not when we think. take care. god bless.

At August 25, 2008 at 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't even 2 when Len Bias died but I've been researching him for the past day or so after stumbling across his name. I think I have an answer for you: Len Bias is painted with a halo because he was one of the first major athletes to OD, especially on coke. The other guys didn't stand a chance because Bias was young, famous, had potential and dropped dead all in one sitting. He was a sign of the times changing. I totally agree with you because in all the searches I've done, I found this and maybe one other item that doesn't put this man on a pedestal. In fact, I read that his mother at one time suggested he may have been poisoned with the cocaine in a drink since he "wasn't a user." Anyone who's watched Miami Vice knows cocaine tastes BAD when you sample it. I don't think anyone smuggled 5 grams in his soda pop. (A little humor for such a heavy topic.)And yes, he had hops but he wasn't Jordan. I've heard he couldn't handle the ball as well as Jordan but he was just as good. If he couldn't handle the ball, he wasn't as good! People just don't like to speak ill of the dead. Period.

At April 7, 2009 at 10:07 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Let me get this straight.

First, I have no issue with first half of your post, concerning the circumstances of Bias' death.

But, the second half... You're telling me a guy who averaged 16.4 points over his ACC career, a guy who two-time ACC Player of the Year (1985 and 1986) wasn't "that good"? Ok, so, he couldn't drive to the hole like Jordan. He didn't have Jordan's ball-handling skills. Hmmm... Maybe because he's 3/4 and not a 2. You think?

Go back and read what NBA Scouts had to say about him. Go back and read what his opponents had to say about him. You're not just wrong, you're WAY wrong. If anything the memory of his playing ability was DIMINISHED by his death and the lack of an NBA career.

At April 30, 2009 at 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You're telling me a guy who averaged 16.4 points over his ACC career wasn't 'that good'?"

JJ Redick averaged just under 20 points get game over his college career. That doesn't mean he would've been the next Jordan (or that he he's even close).

I think the author's point is that asserting that Bias would "definitely be better" than Jordan or at least be his equal is borderline ridiculous.

Could Bias have been a ten-time All-Star and win multiple Championships? Perhaps, especially the latter considering how stacked those Celtics teams were. But would he have won six NBA Championships, six NBA Finals MVPs, 5 NBA regular season MVPs, average over 30 points per game in the postseason for his career, make the All-Defensive First Team nine times, and revolutionize the sport of basketball as we know it today - on coke? I doubt it.

Len Bias isn't the first person that was really talented whose gifts were blown way out of proportion following his death. Just take a look at Kurt Cobain.

At May 9, 2009 at 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came across your post. Let me preface my comments by saying that I was a huge Len Bias fan. I was a teenager when he passed and was actually devastated as if a family member had passed. I have had an occasion of meeting his mother and witness one of her motivational speeches that she began after his death. Each time that I have walked into Cole Field House after his death I actually feel chills and I am tearing up as I write this. #1 Brian Tribble was not a MAJOR coke dealer. At the time of Bias' death Tribble was more of a runner. He would transport cocaine from the DC are to dealers in the tidewater area of VA, or so I have heard. You have to understand the drug climate in DC at that time. It was huge and the drug dealers loved the athletes so they would always want to hang around them, you can reference the Rayful Edmond/Alonzo Mourning association for a good example of that. I don't think you would accuse Mourning of being a drug abuser just because he hung around the Big Man on Campus(DC Streets)in Edmonds who in turn wanted to hang around the Big Man on Campus(Georgetoun)in Mourning. Do I think that fateful night was Bias' first time using drugs? No. Do I think he was a frequent user of drugs? No. #2 Bias was a physical specimen. He had the perfect basketball physique. In college he could not be defended one on one. Teams had to consistently double if no triple him. You can't ascertain that by looking at stats. YOu had to have seen the games. The tone of your post suggests that you did not see him play on a regular basis. The Terps won the ACC Championship Bias' freshman year and Bias was an intregal part of that. You are welcome to your opinion but I think it is just as biased against Bias as those opinions of those who were fans.

At January 7, 2010 at 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect! My prayers have been answered. Finally someone to compete with Rush Limbaugh. Truly amazing! you typed what looks like about 3000 words giving your OPINION about someone you were/are jealous of.......I am glad you justified it by saying "God bless Len Bias".

At January 20, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Blogger gary said...

Not as good as Jordan? Are you serious? I watched either in person or on TV almost every game Bias played in college. Yes Jordan had better ball handling skills...he was a guard! He should have been. Bias' jump shot...dead on. He could dunk on anybody. You needed two people to guard him. He didnt get much playing time as a freshman because he was a late bloomer. He was no high school all american. But after his freshman year he worked as a janitor at night at an elementary school. After his work was done he would go to the school gym and work on his jumper and his handle. Halfway through his sophomore year he was starting! Its called hard work. Anybody in the DC area at the time remembers where they were and what they were doing when they heard of his death. It was THAT big. So to many it was like Kennedys assasination in that respect.

At January 22, 2010 at 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in the unenviable position in that I am sitting in judgment of people due to the draconian laws passed in the aftermath of the Len Bias tragedy. I had to research this topic eventhough he was only two years younger than I. I do remember though, that people lost their minds when he died.
I remember being on a subway train and almost every man had a Sports Illustrated, Death of a Dream, Len Bias was on the cover.
I too am fed up with the "Len Bias drug laws" and I am at my wits end on the jury; BUT, in researching this topic, I remember the time, the outrage afterward and everyone screaming at their politicians to "DO SOMETHING". Well, they did and we have to remember the event.
Looking at the interviews and pictures of Len Bias, I see the tragedy and I now understand. You see, whatever you thought of his judgment the night he died, or his personal life, or his athletic ability, he ushered in an era in basketball. His style, his physique. At the same time, he is a reminder of a time past. He kept it clean for the public, that isn't hypocrisy -- that is showing respect for the public. Something sports figures used to possess. regardless of his personal life. He wasn't covered in tattoos, his hair wasn't braided (I think that is so country), he had two parents, he could speak intelligently, he wasn't 22 with 3 kids from 3 different girls. He was just 22. Young men actually had on jackets at his funeral. We now live in a time of extreme degeneracy and cynicism, news as entertainment and trash TV where an athlete's bad manners are expected, if not encouraged. But most importantly, Len Bias demonstrated how close to danger athletes were by the wrong element. That is the takeaway from this. Why did he feel he needed that bridge to the gutter as so many athletes do. Now, we take it for granted that an NFL player will be murdered this year. So stop with the BS about Len Bias and hypocrisy. Len Bias was not the Saint of Coke Fiends (very bad taste), but rather his death was a foreboding, the Ghost of Sports to Come and the Ghost of Sports that Had Been.

At February 23, 2010 at 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant! No Michael Jordan? This guy was unbelievable. A huge North Carolina fan and huge MJ fan, but this guy was very close to a Jordan. Completely different player, but close in how great he could have been. Also, he was in college, he was a kid, people make mistakes. He could have been a great person and done wonderful things in his life. At the time, many many people were using coke. It doesn't make it right, and there are no excuses, but those are facts give him a break. I didn't like the article at all.

At May 21, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan made better decisions with the ball in his hand while as Bias made worse decisions with an 8 ball in his. Sad but its true. if he didn't o.d. he might have been as good or better than m.j. But that's not the case. A leader makes great decisions on and off the court. I'm glad that more awareness was made to drug abuse but that was after a college basketball player died. what about those before him? Bias life worth more than theirs? Awareness was made because someone of a celebrity status died. The media didn't care bout the thousands before him. Gov and media Had no choice but to make changes because ppl were sad he died. He was a human being like everyone else. why wait til someone who is famous die. His legacy as sad as it is, is of a man who didn't reach his potential. Mj was better cuz he showed he was.

At May 21, 2011 at 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan made better decisions with the ball in his hand while as Bias made worse decisions with an 8 ball in his. Sad but its true. if he didn't o.d. he might have been as good or better than m.j. But that's not the case. A leader makes great decisions on and off the court. I'm glad that more awareness was made to drug abuse but that was after a college basketball player died. what about those before him? Bias life worth more than theirs? Awareness was made because someone of a celebrity status died. The media didn't care bout the thousands before him. Gov and media Had no choice but to make changes because ppl were sad he died. He was a human being like everyone else. why wait til someone who is famous die. His legacy as sad as it is, is of a man who didn't reach his potential. Mj was better cuz he showed he was.

At June 18, 2011 at 11:24 AM, Anonymous David Contreras said...

Bias is not a saint and I don't think that a lot of people see him as such. But withouth a doubt it a tragedy that demonstrates how you can have all the talent in the world and have your life and your families life in your hands. And in the blink of an eye you can throw it all away by makeing the a wrong choice. I don't believe that Len Bias was a hard core drug user but I do believe that he did use drugs from time to time depending on the people he was hanging out with. On top of the fact that he was using cocaine he was also drinking which is a bad combo. Alcohol is a downer and cocaine increases your heart rate. He never got a chance to play pro basketball he was drafted the next day he signed a shoe deal with reebok. And he went to hang out with friends. And he ended up having a seizure and going into cardiac arrest after consuming too much cocaine. This all happend when I was two years old but after watching the documentary Without Bias and doing some further reading. Its had a deep impact and I think its sends a really important message, that by makeing one wrong choice your life can end in the blink of an eye. Bias from a good family middle class, hard working, college educated parents. His death and the death of his brother 4 years later. Is truly a tragedy. His brother was killed point blank with two shots two the head just outside of a mall. His parents became big advocates agianst drugs and gun violence. As far as his comparisons to other players. I hate when people compare players to Jordan especially when it comes to LeBron and Kobe. But if I had to compare him Physically I saw him more like a leaner more muscular version of Barkley. Bias was an exeptional rebounder and had great leaping ability, and being around great talent in boston would have only made him better player. He had a good jump shot and he had some serious dunking skills. He had a lot of upside and the sky was the limit, but we will never know what could have been. And that's a tragedy.

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At March 20, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Blogger Darryl Wright said...

Your piece on Len Bias was filled with innuendo and conjecture and not based on any factual relevance. You named not one reputable source that you could attribute, who said beyond a reasonable doubt, that Bias was a chronic cocaine abuser. As a matter of fact the autopsy report contradicts your assertion. Inasmuch as Len Bias being deified, lets keep in mind that the Washington DC area has produced MANY outstanding basketball talents, however, I cant recall one with the exceptional raw talent, who was a local high school star and then went on to star at a local university. Lenny had the talent and the humbleness to go along with it. He was a dominant physical speciment who transcended the game for a player his size. He wasnt the prototype power forward, he was more than that. To compare his game to Kenny Walker's game is a travesty. What may or may have not been is really irrelevant. Reading your article I can assume that you didnt watch him play much and that you are not from the DC area, nor do you know much about the game of basketball. Do your job and gather some real information from TRUE basketball fans, scouts, coaches and former players, who either witnessed him play, played against him, coached him, coached against him or scouted him. Lenny Bias was a man among men. Micheal Jordan never won an ACC Player of the Year Award, it doesnt diminish his talents, but you attempt to diminish Bias' because he made a tragic mistake and your mad that people LOVED him. Come on CHUMP, get a life.

At May 19, 2013 at 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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