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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Possible look for new Bucks uniforms

If you can get past the crude, crude renditions on the right (I ain't no stinkin' artist), you will see my educated guess at the look the new Bucks home and away uniforms will have.

How did I arrive at the three looks? I studied the leaked Adidas hat with the new Bucks logo to see what I could glean from that. (When asked whether that was the new logo, the Bucks gave a non-denial denial, which, if you follow politics, is the equivalent of a confirmation. So I am operating under the assumption that is indeed the new logo).

What can be deduced from the look and philosophy of the new logo? Well, the first thing you notice is its extremely close to the old logo. All they did was change the purple and silver to red and white, and they changed the lettering to a boxier font. Thus, I concluded that the Bucks were not looking to reinvent the wheel. They simply wanted to go back to the old "Christmas tree" red, green, and white scheme.

Given that, what I did was I simply took the 2005-06 jerseys and substituted red for purple and white for silver. Then I tried my damndest to imitate the boxier font. Finally, I added piping on the sides (that was a bit more of a reach, but the piping on the hat's lettering suggests something like that). And thus I arrived at my jersey drawings to the right.

Please forgive the almost kindergarten crayon look, I did them in a hurry. I was after a visual notion of what the jerseys might look like, not a perfect looking sketch. That said, and putting my amateur artistry aside, I think my renditions look pretty cool. The home jersey looks straight out of the seventies, and I always liked the hunter green road look. The third jersey is my alternate possibility for the road. I arrived at that because, if you notice on the Adidas hat, the "Bucks" wording on the logo is white with red piping. On the old logo, the "Bucks" wording was silver, just as it was on the road jerseys. So there is some logic to believing the road jerseys will be white lettering.

Of course there is every chance that the actual Bucks unis will look nothing like any of my drawings. For instance, they could use the word "Milwaukee" on the away jersey rather than "Bucks" (I would actually love that). So take my drawings for what they are -- one Bucks fan's educated guess.


At June 20, 2006 at 3:17 PM, Anonymous Derrick said...

They should get rid of that stupid logo too!!!

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