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Friday, July 28, 2006

Breakdown of rumored Magliore-Blazer trade

Here's a quick snapshot of what the Bucks would get if the rumored Jamaal Magliore to the Blazers trade goes through. I'll post more if it becomes fact.

Steve Blake, PG (Eff48 for '05-'06: 18.58)
Blake is an outstanding outside shooter. He is not a penetrator (91% of his shots last season were outside shots), and in keeping with the entire Bucks roster, he doesn't get to the line often. He has a basket attack percentage of only 18.7%. He is also not very efficient with his productivity as his Eff48 of 18.58 will indicate. However, his defense at the point is not bad at all. And he is an excellent ballhandler and passer. So, depending on the style of play the Bucks employ, he would represent an upgrade at point guard over Ford or Williams. For comparison sake, I have listed TJ Ford's numbers next to Blake's.

eFG%: 51.9 (TJ Ford: 44.0)
eFG on jumpers: 51.2 (TJ Ford: 41.7)
eFG on inside shots: 58.4 (TJ Ford: 47.9)
Passer Rating: 10.9 (TJ Ford: 9.3)
Ballhandler Rating: 25.0 (TJ Ford: 19.2)
Basket Attack% (FTA/FGA): 18.7 (TJ Ford: 28.1)
Defensive eFG%: 46.9% (TJ Ford: 51.3)
Assists/48 min: 8.8 (TJ Ford: 8.9)
TOs / 48 min: 2.3 (TJ Ford: 4.1)

Brian Skinner (Eff48 for '05-'06: 18.53)
Skinner, whom Bucks fans already know intimately, is sort of Magliore lite. He is everything Magliore was but less productive. He's not great at all offensively, he's merely okay defensively, and he can't pass a lick. He will get you rebounds, and he doesn't turn the ball over nearly as much as Magliore. When he was with the Bucks he had an Eff48 around 24, now he's dangling around 19. His best days are behind him. Decent backup, though.

eFG: 48.4
eFG on jump shots: 32.6
eFG on inside shots: 54.5
Passer Rating: 0.6
Rebounder Rating: 27.2
Ballhandler Rating: 3.5
Defensive eFG: 51.4
Basket Attack: 27.6%
Reb/ 48 min: 12.2 (Magliore 15.2)
TO/ 48 min: 2.4 (Magliore 3.2)

Ha Seung Jin (Eff48: 14.4)
Who the hell is this guy? I never heard of him until today. He has NO game, that's all you need to know.


At July 28, 2006 at 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the "displaced" Bucks fan from yesterdays post. That displacement had placed me in Portland, OR., where I have had the opportunity to watch the Blazers in the past year. Which is all that matters for the trade bait they're offering. None of these guys were on the team two seasons ago.
Blake- Despite his goofiness, he is a pretty solid player. He'll never be a third of a "big three" or anything, but he has the potential of creating one with his passing ability. He hits the OPEN three, (a step in his direction will draw immediate iron), and may be able to drive the lane to dish. Hard to tell on a team that relied almost solely on the inside game of Zach Randolph. (Who, by the way, regardless of his gaudy numbers, is an absoulute CANCER! No effort on O or D and a complete whiner to boot)
Skinner- Imagine what he did for the Bucks and than cut that in half. It doesn't seem like he can move anymore on those knees.
Ha- A complete neanderthal. An ice-man who still isn't completely thawed. Nine out of ten passes to this guy will hit him square in the face, which is pretty obvoius looking at him. 7'5" or not, he won't be in an NBA uniform in three years. A modern Manute Bol.

All in all, a horrible trade.

At July 28, 2006 at 5:31 PM, Blogger Sky Hook said...

Blazerland. Used to be a great NBA town. Bill Walton... his bike, etc.

From now on when you comment use the name Portland so I can distinguish you.

Doesn't Steve Blake look like that guy you once beat up? Its not fair for me to say this, but his face just makes you think right away that he's going to annoy you.

At July 28, 2006 at 5:48 PM, Anonymous Portland Buck said...

Thanks for the quick responses. Just found this blog this week and really enjoy your input and the news. Been looking everywhere for rumors about any Magloire trade and you had all the dish.
I still think the Troy Murphy trade would have been better. That was rumored by the Oakland news.
You're right about Blake. I remember watching him at Maryland and just thinking, "This guy is a stud on the basketball court and will never be one off it!"

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