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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brent Barry for Magliore? I don't know

The latest name to surface in the "Who wants Jamaal?" sweepstakes is San Antonio guard Brent Barry. The San Antonio Express News indicated the Spurs are trying to put together a package for Magliore that features Barry as its centerpiece. Mke Bucks Diary's initial take on this possible move: eh.

Don't get me wrong, we love Brent Barry's game. The problem is, he misplaced it a couple of years ago. And at 34 going on 35, its hard to believe he'll ever find it again.

His career Eff48 is 21.41, okay for a shooting guard (2s generally have the lowest Eff48 scores of any position). Last year he posted a 20.30. His best season was in '01-'02 when he posted a career high 25.67. That's outstanding for a shooting guard; in league with Ray Allen and Michael Redd. However, the last time he produced numbers like that The Sopranos was a good show. Yeah, that long ago.

Particularly troubling is his sharp decline in free throw attempts and free throw percentage. Last year he played in 72 games and attempted only 59 free throws. My Grandpa could get to the line more than that and he's got two artificial knees. Even more shocking is the decline in his free throw accuracy. Prior to last year he was a career 85% thrower. Suddenly he can make only 66%. Those two statistics combine to tell me his legs are gone. That's the only plausible explanation for such a precipitous drop.

And if his legs are gone then his one remaining skill, the three point shot, is soon to follow. But hey, I guess he would still be better than Jiri Welsch.


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