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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Bucks new script

Chris Creamer has on his website the new scripts that will be used by the Milwaukee Bucks. Here I have combined the two together. On Creamer's site they are seperate: (1) "Milwaukee" and (2) "Bucks".

How they will be used, I don't know (I'm through speculating on the team's new look). It is interesting, though, that the team has put out a script saying "Milwaukee". They really haven't used "Milwaukee" script on anything for years. I don't even think they have had such a script (somebody correct me if I'm wrong about the last two statements).

Does the new script mean they will go back to using the city designation on their road jerseys as they last did here? As I've stated before, I love those jerseys, so to me that would be a welcome homage to the past.


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