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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Bucks new uniforms revealed in video game

Ok, this is it. The vid captures you see below are an actual rock solid side peek at the new Bucks road uniforms. They come, apparently, from the new NBA 2007 video game. (All credit to a gentleman with the name/handle of "Spike Spiegler" who posted these pics in a Bucks chatroom.)

My opinion? I think these uniforms are a welcome return to the past. I love them. Of course I have been much more enthusiastic about the whole switch to red than the average citizen of BucksNation, I admit. Why? Two reasons, I guess. (1) I just always loved the original traveling greens with red piping and hated, hated, hated the traveling purples. Loathed them; and, (2) Pure superstition: Prior to banishing their original green-red color combination for the awful green-lime concoction in 1988, the Bucks had experienced nearly 20 years of almost continuous glory -- a spectacular period of excellence. And since then the Bucks have experienced almost continuous misery. You feel me? Maybe the magic will return.

Anyway, here are Spike's captures. They are a little murky, but I think you can get a strong sense of the color scheme you're going to see come November 1, if not the full lettering or overall design.


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