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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ha leads Korea to narrow 53 point loss

Too bad the Bucks don't have Team Lithuania on next year's schedule. Their lowly-touted reserve big man Ha Seung-Jin (or Seung Jin-ha as the People's Daily refers to him) blew up for 20 points against them. However, when matched against actual NBA competition, he produced zero points and three rebounds in 12 minutes of action as his team, South Korea, suffered their worst defeat since North Korea nearly drove them out of the Pusan perimeter and into the Sea of Japan, 116-63 to Team USA last night.

The night was not a complete disaster for Ha Seung-Jin, however. He could take solace in the fact that he was not "Frederic Weised" by anyone on the high-flying American squad. Small victories are what keep him going.


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