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Sunday, August 13, 2006

TrueHoop's Abbott: "Blake has great future"

Henry Abbott is the author of one of the very best basketball blogs, TrueHoop. He also happens to be a Portland TrailBlazer fan. Naturally, he had an opinion on the recent Milwaukee-Portland trade and he outlined it in a recent interview with si.com.

Basically Abbott indicated that he liked the deal from Portland's perspective, but he seemed to really regret losing Blake. He went so far as to say that Blake had a "great future", and he even expressed hope that Blake would return to Portland next summer as a free agent.

Reading that had an impact on me. Abbott does not offer opinions on players without some forethought and consideration. So I was extremely encouraged by his positive view of Blake's game. That endorsement and others I have unturned has convinced me Blake will indeed make a fine addition to the Red and Green.

As a matter of fact, I am excited to see how the entire Harris experimental mix turns out. I can't wait for November.

Footnote: In the same si.com interview, Abbott said that after the Bucks-Blazer made their trade he reviewed a good deal of film on Magliore. He reports he was "horrified" at what he saw. I told you he knew his basketball.


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