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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Gathering Storm

Maybe I'm just paranoid. But I'm getting a worse and worse feeling about the future of the Bucks here in Milwaukee.

Drip by drop stories are coming out that portend doom. First came the one about the extremely short-term lease the team signed with the Bradley Center. Then came the pessimistic outlook from Bradley Center head Ulice Payne. Then Brewer owner Mark Attanasio quelled rumors that he would ride to the rescue. Now comes news that Senator Kohl sought local buyers and there were none to be found. Bad news on top of bad news.

Eventually I'm afraid the Senator may be forced to sell to interests outside the state. That would be catastrophic.

What's worse, I can't seem to conjure up a scenario whereby the team would be secured long term here in Milwaukee. The Bradley Center, as presently constituted, will not do. Yet I doubt there will be a new facility offered, certainly not publicly. Maybe the Bradley Center will indeed be renovated, but that seems like a big old pipe dream. What happens then? I don't know. I hope I'm wrong, but I have become more and more convinced the team will end up in either Seattle or Oklahoma City.

Why? I think the NBA will force the Hornets back to New Orleans. That would leave OKC open to the Oklahoma consortium that recently bought the Sonics. Should the city of Seattle not meet the consortium's demands, I believe they would move the team to OKC. That would then leave the big juicy market of Seattle wide open for whatever faction bought the Bucks. Should their demands be met, OKC would be available as a relocation spot. I can't get that nightmare domino theory out of my head.

Again, maybe I'm just paranoid. I hope so.


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