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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Supplemental Buck Droppings Volume 4.5

I’ve had several requests for a picture of the free t-shirt I received from the Milwaukee Bucks as part of their email newsletter promotional. It is pictured above. It’s the same shirt Bucks F Bobby Simmons was modeling in the picture included with the original post. You’ll notice mine’s a little wrinkled. I had to dig it out of the laundry basket. I was sporting the colors.

Which brings up a different issue. For weeks I’ve been trying to match the red, green, and silver color scheme of this blog to the new Bucks colors.

Initially I relied on the transcript of the press conference announcing the new colors. In it, Bucks GM Larry Harris purports to give the “PMS” color designations for each of the team colors. But the numbers he gave are way off. Either the Lizard had a couple of cocktails in him, or somebody didn’t transcribe his words correctly. The Silver number he gave actually corresponds to a sort of pukish pink color. And the red and green numbers didn’t seem true either.

So I set about to match the colors myself. The problem with that was, the colors seem to change from item to item. For instance, the green in my t-shirt is much lighter than the green used on the Bucks 2006-07 pocket schedule. And the red varies from a brighter red to a sort of dark maroon depending on what example you have in front of you. And if you use the Bucks webpage as a guide, you will notice there are not only several shades of red and green, but also several shades of silver as well.

So I just decided to match my blog colors with the colors used on their pocket schedule. I noticed they were the same shades of red and green as those used on the new Bucks billboard outside the Bradley Center; and I like them better, anyway. For what its worth, I came up with Red PMS:199, Green PMS:627, and Silver PMS:442.

I think ultimately the green on the new Bucks jerseys will be a lighter shade of green than what I use. Maybe I'll change up then. Probably not.


At September 23, 2006 at 11:33 AM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

I'm a little lost on the colors myself....I agree, the shading seems different on different items.

I'm glad we have the new colors, but hope that the "red" actually is a real "red" on the uniforms and not the maroon color that it appears to be on some items.


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