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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekly Buck Droppings Volume III

Here's the third installment of my weekly Buck thoughts. Again, coming October 1st, I'll be boring you every day with my scatterbrained musings, so look me up. Anyway, here's what I have for this week:

Uniwatch Guy destroys new Bucks logo

A lot of BucksNation was disappointed with the new Bucks logo, primarily because they thought it lacked imagination. The Uniwatch Guy, Paul Lukas, has a much more fundamental problem with it. On his blog, he utterly destroys the design on the basis of its shoddy construction. As his posting points out in very impressive detail, the logo lacks symmetry. He summarizes the problems with the logo as "major". Extremely embarrasing for the organization, I would say. How could that even happen?

If you're interested in his critique, its here.

Rosen on Ruben

Charley Rosen, who is to basketball analysis what a chainsaw is to a butter knife, recently weighed in on the Bucks new small forward, Ruben Patterson. If you have never read Rosen's column or been exposed to his style of critiquing players, you might think Rosen finds Patterson useless. However, if you have had a Rosen inoculation or two in the past, you will know that his report on the new Buck is fairly positive. Sure, he says Ruben can't dribble, pass, or shoot, but what caught my eye was he said Ruben was a "very aggressive defender". What's the big deal about that boilerplate compliment? Rosen rarely... rarely...ever compliments any contemporary player's defense. In fact, half the fun of reading his foxsports.com column is discovering what new and interesting way he finds to express that someone "can't guard his own shadow." (His appeal is the same as Simon Cowell's basically)

Praise from Caeser is praise indeed. I am expecting glove like defense from Patterson this season.

Behind Door Number Two: The New Lynn Greer?

I'm really curious to see what the Bucks new G Lynn Greer will bring to the table. He's an interesting case. There is an underground of former Temple fans on the internet who seem to think he is the greatest hidden treasure since, I don't know, that Confederate ship they dredged up with all the gold. Indeed, Greer has consistently shone brightly overseas. But he really hasn't done much in the States. In fact, I think his American professional career consists of a nondescript 14 game run in the NBDL and several failed training camps. And one of those failed camps was with your Milwaukee Bucks in, I think it was, 2003, when the Bucks barely even gave him a sniff before cutting him. Has he improved that much in three years? What didn't he have then that he has now? Or are the Bucks simply admitting they were hasty in dismissing him? Like I said, he's an interesting case.

The Bucks need to shit or get off the pot

I know I seem hasty in pushing this issue, but the Bucks need to open debate on their future status, or they will pay a price at the turnstiles. If history proves anything about the Milwaukee sports fan its that he/she does not reckon with teams that have their suitcases half-packed. The Braves enjoyed record attendance in Milwaukee until they were sold to that slimy conglomerate from wherever around 1962. After rumors of departure starting wafting in the air, the bottom fell out for the Milwaukee Braves attendance figures. And when the Brewers started bitching that they couldn't compete in Milwaukee without a new stadium (and implicitly threatening that if they did not get one they were gone), attendance dropped off badly in the mid-90s. It wasn't until the Brewers were locked in that attendance began its steady upswing. So, Milwaukee Bucks, waver at your own peril.


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