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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bogut crisis could be an opportunity

As Lisa Simpson once remarked, in the Chinese language the word for "crisis" is the same as the word for "opportunity". (Leading Homer Simpson to ask whether the Chinese word was pronounced "Crisortunity?"). There is wisdom in that. While the injury to Bucks C Andrew Bogut looks devastating for the Milwaukee Bucks, it could be a well-disguised blessing.

First, it gives Bogut and his legs a much needed rest. Bogut's legs looked seriously tired and heavy at the end of last season. Then he spent the off-season playing for the Australian National Team. This gives him a chance to put life back into those wheels.

Second, it relieves some of the pressure from Bogut. His much hyped switch to center would have put him in an immediate spotlight he may not have been ready for. Now he can ease himself into the change, with the injury as a ready excuse should the transition be rocky.

Finally, it gives backup C Dan Gadzuric a chance to establish himself in the rotation. He has been very productive (when considered in Eff48 terms) throughout his career. Now he can show whether he can be depended on over long stretches. If he can, that would be a major plus for the team.

So, while the injury to Bogut might ultimately be a severe setback for the young Bucks, it might just as likely be a good thing. Let's hope for the latter.


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