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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Buck Droppings 10/26/06

Mo already a lame duck?

Newly installed starting point guard Mo Williams may have already gotten a vote of no-confidence from GM Larry Harris. When asked how the Bucks intended to use their expected salary cap surplus next off-season Harris replied "on a point guard." Ouch. Tough to get any traction as a floor leader when the head cheese is knocking the legs out from under you. But maybe Harris knows what he is doing. Williams has a history of inconsistency, perhaps Harris is trying to motivate him into a career year with an early shot across his bow. By the way, speculation has Harris eyeballing Bulls PG Kirk Hinrich. I like him. Tough defender, decent shooter, hard nosed. Plus, he will distribute... which is the knock against Williams.

Bucks invade Titletown

Tonight the Bucks make their annual preseason jaunt to the land of cheesehats, football, and Saint Vince. They will face Adam Morrison and the Charlotte Bobcats up in the cozy confines of Green Bay's Brown County Arena. What I will be looking for is a continuation of the offensive progress they showed on Saturday night at the Bradley Center. I will also be watching the play of PG Steve Blake. He may finally be catching on. He had a nice game Saturday.

Miller low on the Bucks

According to a column by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel media maven Bob Wolfley, TNT analyst Reggie Miller views the Bucks, at least at this point in time, as a lower echelon team. He sees them on the level of the Toronto Raptors or the New York Knicks. He mainly bases his low opinion of the team on the injuries to starters C Andrew Bogut and SF Bobby Simmons. He rightly points out that the Bucks cannot afford to dig themselves an early deficit if they expect to emerge a playoff team in April.


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