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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Buck Droppings for October 14th

Here are some random, poorly reasoned observations about the Bucks:

Simmons injury sounds troubling

What's a stress reaction? That's what Bucks SF Bobby Simmons was diagnosed with yesterday. That doesn't sound good. Those type injuries linger. Just ask Bill Walton. At first blush it seemed Simmons would only be out a month. A closer inspection of the Bucks press release is much more troubling. The Bucks are saying Simmons will be "reevaluated" in a month, not that he will be back in a month. He will be off his feet the entire time. I'm guessing he will not return anytime before Christmas. That means the weight will fall on Ruben Patterson and David Noel. Patterson will do fine. Noel has been quite impressive, but how much can we realistically expect from him?

Is Greer on the bubble?

Judging solely on the basis of playing time and productivity, Lynn Greer is having his second poor camp with the Milwaukee Bucks. Remember, he signed with the Bucks in September of 2003 and was cut three weeks later. Since that time he has been a very good player in the European Leagues, but the NBA isn't the European Leagues. He's never done anything stateside. His American professional experience consists of a 14 game stint in the NBDL with some outfit called the "Groove". That did not go well. He shot in the mid 30s during his stay. Yet he was resigned by the Bucks this offseason and touted as another "Charlie Bell". He's looking more like another "Jiri Welsch". You know, the shooter who can't shoot.

Mavericks bring their Junior Varsity to the Bradley Center

The 12,000 people who paid to watch the Bucks against the Mavericks on Saturday night got a first hand look at the Maverick's B team. None of their main contributors played, and most of their starters didn't even travel. That's a joke. I realize the preseason is meaningless, but come on. Let's not make it farcical. NFL teams at least flash their starters in the preseason. Spring training baseball is generally serious business. Why can't basketball be the same way? Injuries? As the Bucks know, players are just as likely to get injured during intrasquad scrimmages as they are playing in these preseason games. So if you're going to charge for tickets, there has to be at least a tacit duty to give some value in return.

Come on, Danny Boy

While most of Bucks Nation has no use for Dan Gadzuric, I and others (Sam at Five Point Bucks being among the notables) have tried to make the case that he's actually a rather productive player when he gets opportunities. We all pushed for him to get regular playing time. Well, now he is getting regular playing time. Sure its the preseason, but, still, he hasn't quite vindicated his backers. Yeah, he's doing alright, but what's going on with his shooting percentage? All of a sudden the basket is like a soup can for him. 3-for-9 the other night? First of all, he shouldn't be taking 9 shots unless they are 9 dunks. To be honest, though, I worried about his offensive game. Last year most of his baskets were of the "assisted" variety, and most of those assists came from either Toni Kukoc or TJ Ford. Who will set him up now? Perhaps Steve Blake. That's about his only hope. Mo Williams is a shoot first point guard. Redd isn't really an assist man. Patterson is more likely to throw it to the peanut vendor, and the only way he'll get the ball from Villanueva is off the glass or through the net.


At October 15, 2006 at 10:06 PM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

I think you are right on Simmons....this situation doesn't sound good, and once again the Bucks front office does nothing to explain to the media just exactly what his injury is and how it perhaps might have occurred, or is it a chronic problem.

Lynn Greer does look bad....but he's here to stay. I think Larry gave him a two-year guaranteed deal to get him to come over from Europe. May be wrong on that.

At October 17, 2006 at 1:03 PM, Blogger Sky Hook said...

Press: Sorry it took so long to respond.

I don't think Greer's guaranteed two years, at least according to the salary page on hoopshype.com. But you're absolutely right they're going to keep him. You can't have a "Cory Rodgers" situation in the NBA due to the guaranteed money.

Let me ask you: do you think, in an ideal world, they would prefer to keep this young guy from Maryland, McCray? He seems to be getting more minutes than Greer, but its hard to evaluate his skill level since the games are not on television.

At October 18, 2006 at 7:50 AM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

I can only go by the scrimmage....McCray seemed to be a lot more athletic than Greer. But I'm not sure you can write Greer out based on what he's accomplished overseas.....

I'm pretty sure that Larry guaranteed Greer two years...but maybe Hoopshype is correct.

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