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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bucks need more from the 5 spot

With the unfortunate injury to Bucks starting center Andrew Bogut, the team has been forced to rely on the two-headed monster known as Gadzuric/Skinner. The early returns are not good.

In the team’s first exhibition contest last night against their old nemesis the Minnesota Timberwolves -- a team lacking a dominant center -- the Bucks got virtually nothing from the center spot.

The starter, Dan Gadzuric, whom I expected to step up, did not. Given extended minutes, he contributed nothing. Shooting an uncharacteristically poor 3-11, his Eff48 for the night was 0.0. Brian Skinner was hardly better, recording a miniscule Eff48 of 4.80. If the Bucks are to keep their heads above water during Bogut’s absence, they need more than what they got last night from the pair.

Newbies show up big

On the other hand, three of the new Bucks showed up big. PF Charlie Villanueva was outstanding, at least on the offensive end. He turned in a phenomenal Eff48 of 34.90 in 22 minutes of action. In the same amount of time, the Kobe Stopper, SF Ruben Patterson, turned in an equally impressive 30.50. His backup, the rookie David Noel, did not shame himself either. He recorded an Eff48 of 21.33, not bad for a professional debut. Clearly, starting small forward Bobby Simmons, who sat out last night’s contest with a heal bruise, will be pushed. Perhaps this will result in a better Simmons. If not, it will surely result in a benched Simmons.


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