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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bucks so far allergic to the foul line

When Bucks GM Larry Harris remade the team's roster this summer, he certainly shored up some of the team's weaknesses. But I thought he may have exacerbated at least one. The inability to get to the foul line. Because, with the exception of Ruben Patterson, none of the off-season acquisitions had a high free throw to field goal attempt ratio.

The preseason results have thus far confirmed my fear. In all four exhibitions the Bucks have had a double digit foul attempts deficit, with an average deficit of minus 14. They are not good enough to overcome disparities of that size on a regular basis. The Pistons can. They play solid enough defense. The Bucks don't.

Strange Promotion

This Saturday, in conjunction with the MACC Fund game, every fan 14 and under will be given a Jon McGlocklin bobblehead doll. The bobblehead is cool, and I love Jonny Mac, but what fan under 14 knows him from Adam? I'm no sage, but I can envision the typical response from kids: "Who's this? Is that supposed to be Bogut?"

When it comes to bobblehead nights, the Brewers know a secret the Bucks ought to learn. They are wildly popular with adult fans. The Brewers drew huge crowds every time they had one this summer, and I would guess part of the reason is they gave one out to each ticket holder. The Bucks should adopt that practice.


At October 25, 2006 at 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could be a long year if we're already looking back 30, but I guess the point of that photo was to show how enormous Big O's hands are.


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