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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tribute to The Big O

Here's another video entry to get you revved up for the regular season.

Set to the sweet sounds of Ice Cube's "It was a good day", here is a tribute to the fantastic Milwaukee Bucks great Oscar Robertson. He certainly had many "good days" in his illustrious NBA career.

Most of the clips are rare treasures from his days as a Milwaukee Buck. Watch him shoot that distinctive one-handed jumper "right in the defender's snoot" as the original "Voice of the Bucks" Eddie Doucette used to describe it.

Especially enjoyable, too, are the scenes of Oscar and his Milwaukee teammates on the Bucks bench near the end of Game Four of the 1971 NBA Finals. They knew at that moment that they had just blown away the old Baltimore Bullets in four straight to win the Bucks only world championship to date.

You can see the realization of the achievement written on his face; the satisfaction of finally reaching the mountain top after enduring a career in the valley of the Cincinnati Royals. He and the Bucks were kings of the basketball world, at least for that one brief shining moment, and The Great One was enjoying it thoroughly. Here's hoping his Milwaukee forebears will reach that pinnacle again... and soon.

So enjoy. I'll be back with some analytical postings on this year's team Friday morning.


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