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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bucks v. Pistons Live Blog

1st Quarter

2:34:Bucks 21, Pistons 15:
The Bucks dominating so far. Bogut has been outstanding. Until he got two fouls he was absolutely feeding Mohammed his lunch. He did appear to wind probably due to game inactivity. Villanueva also looked sharp, particularly on the boards. The Bucks built the early lead as the Pistons could hit nothing. Gadzuric in the game now. Let's see if they push the pedal even harder. Its been a bit helter skelter, but that seems to play to Milwaukee's advantage.

1:13: Bucks 25, Pistons 17
The Bucks have outplayed the Pistons, but they are letting them hang around. Dunk by Gadzuric! That's what he's missed in the preseason. An assist.


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