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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ten who are struggling

Here are the ten players whose struggles this season I deemed most noteworthy:

1. Stephon Marbury (Eff48: 12.63)

Holy God, it must be the cheap shoes. Marbury's game, always flawed, has just gone completely in the toilet. He is one of the least productive "high minute" players in the Association.

2. Michael Finley (Eff48: 12.65)

Here's a guy who seems to have completely lost his game. He is only productive in spurts now. His rapid decline reminds me of former Packers WR Antonio Freeman. One day he's an elite player, the next day he's an overpaid, mediocre, salary cap albatross.

3. Gary Payton (Eff48: 11.92)

He is the modern day NBA version of Johnny Unitas finishing his career out with the Chargers. Sad really. He has nothing left, but can't force himself to admit it and step away.

4. Tracy McGrady (Eff48: 23.22)

Washed up at 27? He's way off his career numbers (Eff48: 29.45, and that includes his teenage years with the Raptors), and I heard him tell Jim Rome that because of his many injuries, he can no longer get around guys like he used to be able to do. Not long ago he might have been considered the best in the game.

5. Richard Jefferson (Eff48: 16.73)

Another guy who is way off his normally stellar career production. (Career Eff48: 23.24). But of all the guys on this list, he is the one I most expect to bounce back. He's too good.

6. Ben Wallace (Eff48: 19.65)

Prime example of a declining player suckering a team into giving him a fat contract. What I can't understand is why the Bulls wanted him when they had Tyson Chandler. Both have the same game, except Chandler is young and improving while Wallace is old and declining.

7. Chris Kaman (Eff48: 17.53)

Kaman signed the big contract and this is the thanks he gives back to Donald Sterling? He's a center who barely rebounds, and an inside player who is shooting 40% from the field. Terrible.

8. Channing Frye (Eff48: 16.66)

Last year's surprise rookie perfomer has turned into this year's sophomore bust. Channing, you're supposed to improve with experience, not dramatically decline.

9. Gerald Wallace (Eff48: 16.32)

Last season was a breakout season for Wallace. He was wildly productive, and held one of the top Eff48 scores among all small forwards (28.64). So far he hasn't followed up with anything at all.

10. Desmond Mason (Eff48: 10.46)

He's not really struggling... he just sucks. I included him on this list for the consideration of all those who keep saying the Bucks shouldn't have traded him. Bullocks! He's awful. For the second straight season he is the least productive player in the Association among those who average at least 30 minutes per game. The least productive. I don't care if he was Mother Teresa in the community, the Bucks got rid of his ass right at the right time. He has nothing left.


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