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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bucks look Bullet proof

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, especially in light of the Bucks big hot streak. I've been down with the flu I caught from my nephew and I just haven't had the energy.

Meanwhile, the Bucks have been all energy. Another big December win for the Green and Red last night at the BC over the team formerly known as the Washington Bullets. A terrific month for the Antlers, who will be moving way up my Power Rankings this Wednesday.

Last night the Bucks again got terrific play from several sources, most notably Andrew Bogut, Brian Skinner, Michael Redd, and the indominatable super sub Ruben Patterson. Has that guy been a pick-up or what? Skinner also continues to show his value. If only we can get Villanueva cooking again.

Arenas is STILL shooting

The other key to last night's win was the wild shooting of Bullets star Gilbert "World B." Arenas. Has that guy ever seen, heard, or come in contact with a shot he didn't like, or wouldn't take twice? How bad is his shot selection? Let's just say he's the only guy in the Association Kobe felt comfortable criticizing on that score.

I caught hell last summer when I did my point guard rankings and I had Arenas middle of the pack. I feel vindicated. Truth be told he should not have even been considered. He is no point guard. He's a top flight scorer, no doubt, but he is not a top flight point guard.

Last night he missed 15 shots. If they played a double header he would have missed 30. He had no intention to quit shooting, though it clearly was not his night. And, when his shot is not falling, he does little to make up for it. Last night he finished with one more assist (5) than his team's starting small forward. Most true points, when they see that their shot is not falling, look to get others involved. 2 guards pretending to be points will continue to fire away. How would you classify Arenas?


At December 31, 2006 at 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you picked the wrong game to evaluate Arenas. Keep in mind, this was the Wizards 4th game in 5 days, and everyone is entitled to bad games. Even Michael Redd shoots 3 for 13 from three point range sometimes. Judging Arenas based on tonight's performance without looking at his run this past month shouldn't vindicate you.

The Wizards run an offense that doesn't require a true point guard, so the fact that Arenas isn't your prototypical 1 isn't an issue. Defining him by a position is the wrong way to go, to be honest. He's a ballplayer, pure and simple. The Wizards offense succeeds because they have four guys that can handle the ball and take your man one-on-one. You can't really double anyone on the Wizards, because they all pass and cut so well. Arenas is 13th in the league in assists, after all.

The reason they weren't as effective was because the Bucks zoned the Wizards up for most of the game, and the guys missed shots they'd normally make. It's a strategy I'd expect to see more, but the Wizards are too good a jump-shooting team on most nights to have that work.

Here's the thing about Arenas that separates him from other "gunners." You'd think that shooting so many shots would be a detriment on the team, but how do you explain the fact that guys like Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson are having career years? How do you explain Antawn Jamison, who is slower than my grandmother, still averaging nearly 20 points a game? How do you explain Stevenson suddenly going from a mediocre shooter to a 50+ percent one? If Arenas was hogging the ball and jacking up terrible shots so much, shouldn't it come at the expense of his teammates? It hasn't thus far, and until it does, it's unfair to classify Arenas as a detriment.

Arenas plays the game unlike anyone before him, so you have to judge him differently than most. Plain and simple.

At December 31, 2006 at 8:32 PM, Blogger dippitty said...

I agree with pradamaster. If you don't consider Arenas as a point guard, you shouldn't have him on your point guard list at all. He has been one of the best players in the entire league this year, so whatever position you consider him to be he should be near the top of your list. I like how you take a game where he is playing his 4th game in 5 nights (3 of them on the road) and totally ignore his earlier perfermances this season where he practically carried his team in victories over very good teams.

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