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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bucks top performers during winning streak

The Bucks have won 7 out of their last 10 games. Everyone knows that.. now learn how much each Buck player has contributed to this streak, according to each's Eff48 score (explained in the footnote) over the last ten games, and also over the last five.

Maurice Williams (Last 10: 32.45) (Last 5: 34.46)

Hang fire. Mo Williams is hellified at the moment (KG's phrase) and he's having a hellified season (KG's opinion). I don't know what hellified means, but I assume its a condition similar to white heat. Mo blows very hot or very cold. And, right now, he is extremely hot. He's starting to carry the Bucks again, as he did at points in the season (of course he dropped them at other points). The key for him is making jump shots early and attacking the basket often. He's streaky and has a tendency to settle for poor long range jump shots when he is cold.

Andrew Bogut (Last 10: 29.45) (Last 5: 31.98)

Right on cue to make me look like a chump, Andrew Bogut picked his season out of the rubbish bin and has had one of his most productive stretches of basketball in his young career (He certainly seems to be suddenly motivated, that's for sure. If anything got him it would be the Rosen butchering he earned and received from foxsports.com, not anything I wrote... obviously). What he has done over the last 10 games, and more specifically the last 5, is extraordinary. He has been filling the stat sheets, limiting the turnovers, and finally rebounding the basketball like an NBA center should. Most of the extra boards he has collected have come through pure effort. He has suddenly "refused to be boxed out" so to speak. What I mean is, when opponents attempt to box him out, he used to give in and accept his fate. He no longer gives in. Now he will counter and fight back. And he's getting rebounds as a result.

Ruben Patterson (Last 10: 26.83) (Last 5: 21.13)

Ruben's production has fallen in the last five games, but how could it do otherwise? His first five games in this stanza were personal masterpieces. They were symphonies to efficient, aggressive basketball. I love this guy's attitude. He always guards the opponent's primary scoring option in key situations. Who can forget when he went mano a mano with Kobe at the end of the Laker game? He is one game rooster.

Charlie Villanueva (Last 10: 24.25) (Last 5: 22.72)

In the last ten games, Charlie has performed okay... all things considered. But he better not get in the habit of settling for just "okay". I don't want him to use these nagging injuries as a justification for less than satisfactory play (by his standards). He needs to get back to the superstar level of production he established early in the season. He dominated the second half of the Heat game. The Heat had no answer for him. As George Karl would say, his challenge is to bring a "dominance" to every minute of every game.

Michael Redd (Last 10: 22.48) (Last 5: 27.49)

What can I add to the discussion? Michael Redd is a man, and he is having a man's season.

Brian Skinner (Last 10: 19.71) (Last 5: 19.61)

I'm warming to Brian Skinner. Seriously. First of all, he's tough, and you know exactly what he will bring to the party every single night. And more importantly, he is the only Buck whose defensive efficiency is under 110 (Skinner's defensive efficiency is 106, meaning the Bucks opponents score at a rate of 106 points every 100 possessions that he is on the floor. That is right at league average and far and away better than anyone else on the team.) Playing Skinner hurts the offense, but helps the defense immensely, and the defense needs a lot of help.

Charlie Bell (Last 10: 18.71) (Last 5: 26.60)

Charlie Bell has been either "awful" or else "pretty good" all season, with the awful games outweighing the pretty good ones by a heap. He's been hot in the last 5, no bout a doubt it, as Bubbles would say. His challenge now is to keep coming with it. With Simmons out we need him desperately to produce.

Dan Gadzuric (Last 10: 16.43) (Last 5: 19.94)

Dan Gadzuric should never, never, ever make any complicated or even rudimentary offensive moves or any kind except layups, putbacks, or dunks. Everything else he pulls out of his bag of offensive "skills" sets the game back to the days of the peach basket.

Steve Blake (Last 10: 10.43) (Last 5: 17.22)

Usually I'm all about the numbers, and the numbers say that reserve point guard Steve Blake is terribly unproductive and doesn't defend anyone. But... if this makes sense... he somehow looks good doing nothing. I'm not that uncomfortable with him on the floor. He can make key plays. If he could just make more of them.

Footnote: Eff48 is an official NBA statistic that calculates a player's production per minute. It is calculated using the following mathematical formula: (Pts + Rebs + Assists + Blocks +Steals) - (Missed Field Goals + Missed Free Throws + Turnovers) / 48. A decent score for a player to have is one in the high teens or the low 20s. As you go up the 20s you get better and better, and once you reach around 32 you are at elite status. Anything below 17 is poor.


At December 26, 2006 at 10:20 PM, Blogger Cheesehead Craig said...

Excellent analysis, as usual.

Could they actually be gelling as a team? Does this mean that Stotts is becoming a better coach? Can one actually get a beer for under $4.50 at the Bradley Center?

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