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Sunday, December 03, 2006

California keeps the Bucks rockin'

Last night the Bucks were hungry (for a win). And when its late at night (at least it was here in Milwaukee) and you're hungry, everyone knows your best bet is to head to the Bell. This time it was Charlie Bell, though, not Taco Bell. Because unlike The Border, Charlie delivers late and doesn't require you to reinforce your toilet the next morning.

Pushed into a starting role last night, CB once again showed signs of turning his season around. He scored a game high 28 points, on 11 of 20 shooting, including a blistering 5 of 10 from downtown. His red hot hand ignited the Bucks on a "midnight rally" that helped them steal a victory from the Golden State Warriors (115-110) when it appeared, even late in the fourth quarter, they were certainly going to lose.

It was truly a sweet win. Special commedations go to Michael Redd (who found a way to get his points on a night when his shot wasn't falling), Ruben Patterson (who is starting to string together some really effective games), Steve Blake (who, I thought, had his best game in a Bucks uniform), and the rookie David Noel (who was highly effective during an important stretch at the end of the first half).

This west coast trip, in fact, has been fun. Two games in California against two teams the expert power rankers consider upper echelon... and the Bucks get two big wins. And they just may have rejuvenated their season.

Traveling Whites?

Can someone explain why the Bucks were wearing their white home jerseys last night? The Warriors were wearing their throwback 1960's jerseys, obviously, but I believe gold was their home color during that era (navy blue was their road color). So, if they were wearing their throwback home jerseys, and they were playing at home, why didn't the Bucks just wear their normal traveling greens? I think it looks stupid and anomalous when a team plays on the road in their home uniforms.


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