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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Big Holiday Season in BucksNation

Ruben Patterson said he was just 'ballin'....just ballin'. Whatever. He was getting it done, that's for sure. He and Mo Williams are my co-players of the month for December. Both put up spectacular numbers.

Honorable mention goes to C Andrew Bogut who must have had an epiphany sometime early in the month. From that point on he turned it on and stopped playing like the washout ledfoot he was prior thereto.

Take notice of one thing on the production list below. Michael Redd's Eff48 of 24.99 is about average for him, and actually down from last month. Yet the Bucks had a great month. He needs to take that to heart. He's like Brett Favre in a way. When he tries to do it all, or do to much, his efforts become counter-productive. He needs to trust his teammates.

Special December Mention: Fan of the month goes to my nephew Charlie (pictured above). He turned one on the 23rd. Two guesses who gave him the home uniform Bango Buck he's holding. Its a subtle indoctrination tactic (he's a native borne Minnesotan).

Milwaukee Bucks Eff48 scores for December

R Patterson....29.17 (+10.77)
M Williams....29.16 (+7.77)
A Bogut....28.40 (+5.69)
M Redd....24.99 (-2.45)
C Villanueva....23.89 (-6.69)
C Skinner....20.16 (+2.68)
C Bell....17.42 (+2.33)
D Gadzuric....16.24 (-6.40)
D Noel....16.17 (-11.31)
E Ilyasova....13.50 (-0.15)
S Blake....11.75 (+2.39)


At January 3, 2007 at 9:24 AM, Blogger Cheesehead Craig said...

I'll give a nod to Skinner, the numbers may not show it, but I think he and Bogut have a nice chemistry and that's helped Bogut a lot.

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