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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bucks acquire Earl the Pearl and Julius too

In a move somewhat hinted at during last night's broadcast from the Bradley Center, the Bucks have traded PG Steve Blake to the Nuggets for PG Earl "The Pearl" Boykins and GF Julius "Don't Call Me Dr. J" Hodge. I love this deal. Blake did next to nothing in a Bucks uniform, and the Pearl has been a sparkplug everytime I've seen him play. Compare their Eff48 numbers for this season: Blake (11.61); Boykins (22.33). And Boykins has played far more minutes. Its no contest, Boykins is an upgrade.

I don't know much about Hodge. He hasn't played much (4 minutes a game) but has made pretty productive use of his time (Eff48: 23.12). Of course, at that low minute number, the efficiency numbers can be skewed (witness Damir Markota). However, he does look like one of those versatile, multiposition players with athleticism that Larry Harris loves.

Overall, another big score for Harris. How good does that Magliore deal look now? Harris has turned that stiff into the bruising Brian Skinner, and he has just flipped Blake into the electrifying Earl Boykins and the promising Julius Hodge.


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