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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bet on Celtics Al Jefferson tonight

There are few mortal locks in sports. But I would say with almost certainty that the Boston Celtics' PF Al Jefferson will have a big night tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks.

First, Jefferson is a terrific young talent who is having a great month. His February Eff48 is 29.02. Second, as I have chronicled ad nauseum, power forwards have been feasting on the Bucks. Third, I haven't heard anything, but I seriously doubt Charlie Villanueva will play tonight (as if he would have provided a lot of resistance). Finally, the Bucks are coming off a tough game with the Dallas Mavericks last night and probably will not be playing on much sleep.

All this adds up to big numbers for the Boston big man. I'll be interested to see what transpires.

Here are the February Eff48's of the likely starting lineups for tonight's "big" game (well, its the first Bucks game getting any media run in a long time):

Boston Celtics
PF: Al Jefferson (29.02)
SF: Paul Pierce (24.00)
C: Brian Scalabrine (12.95)
SG: Ryan Gomes (17.26)
PG: Delonte West (16.66)

Milwaukee Bucks
FC: Andrew Bogut (20.50)
FC: Brian Skinner (14.80)
SF: Ruben Patterson (26.32)
SG: Charlie Bell (22.41)
PG: Mo Williams (20.15)

Photo Credit: NBA/Getty Images


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