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Monday, February 12, 2007

Bucks Diary NBA Power Rankings 02-12-07

Below is my latest NBA Power Rankings, "The Old School Pennant" edition. As always, my rankings are based solely on each team's efficiency differential (pts per 100 possessions - pts allowed per 100 possessions).

1. Phoenix Suns (+9.2)
2. Dallas Mavericks (+8.3)
3. San Antonio Spurs (+7.4)
4. Houston Rockets (+7.3)
5. Detroit Pistons (+5.5)
6. Chicago Bulls (+4.4)
7. Cleveland Cavaliers (+2.2)
8. Utah Jazz (+1.6)
9. Denver Nuggets (+1.4)
10.New Jersey Nets (+0.8)
11.Miami Heat (+0.8)
12.Toronto Raptors (+0.7)
13.Los Angeles Lakers (+0.3)
14.Sacramento Kings (-0.1)
15.Orlando Magic (-0.1)
16.Washington Bullets (-0.4)
17.Indiana Pacers (-1.1)
18.Minnesota Timberwolves (-1.2)
19.Los Angeles Clippers (-1.7)
20.Golden State Warriors (-1.8)
21.New York Knicks (-2.0)
22.NOK Hornets (-2.3)
23.Seattle Supersonics (-3.3)
24.Philadelphia 76ers (-4.3)
25.Atlanta Hawks (-4.5)
26.Boston Celtics (-4.5)
27.Portland Trailblazers (-5.0)
28.Memphis Grizzlies (-5.2)
29.Charlotte Bobcats (-5.6)
30.Milwaukee Bucks (-5.6)

...Interestingly, the Celtics have not bottomed out, despite losing umpteen in a row. This suggests they have been competitive enough to win several of the games they lost, perhaps the coaching down the stretch of games has let them down... Another interesting thing to note is the rise of the Raptors. They have come from the bottom echelon of the rankings in November and December and worked their way to the upper half in today's order. They have also broken into the positive differentials. They're having a terrific season... Another team that appears to be rising is the New Jersey Nets. They might be making their move... The Heat have also taken a dramatic leap forward. If you remember, they were dead last in efficiency differential for several weeks early in the season. I had them left for dead, but Dwayne Wade, the best player in basketball, has willed them back into the championship picture.


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