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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Journal-Sentinel calls for Stotts firing

Its one thing for the bloggers of BucksNation to demand the firing of Bucks head coach Terry Stotts. We can do so with impunity, because we really do it without much accountability. As such, our arguments can often be dismissed. So we can build an analytical case, but ultimately, its impact is often like the impact of pebbles hitting the ocean. We can only hope the tiny ripples we make join forces with other likeminded readers who turn those ripples into waves.

But that's not the case when regular media like the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel weighs in. They are their own wave generating machines.

So it was highly significant when yesterday the Journal-Sentinel's top sports editorial writer, Michael Hunt (btw: I know what you're thinking: "phone call for Mike Hunt") called for the ouster of Stotts. When regular media types start to beat the drum, as Hunt clearly is doing, its all but over.

I urge you to read his thoughtful piece, and you can find it here.

Photo Credit: Mike Hoffman


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